Sony Must Understand, “Slow and Steady DOESN’T Win the Race”

From what we have seen in the past, Sony is playing defensively rather than being on the offensive in terms of the hardware specs of its consoles.

What we mean by this is that Sony although a hugely successfully company has been following the trends set by some of the other companies, rather than setting the trends themselves. I base this claim on the fact that we saw Sony including the SIXAXIS control in their PS 3 haphazardly only as a reaction to Wii console who had released this feature earlier.


Supporting our claim even further is the latest development of the rumored news of Sony including two 1280×720 cameras which would be an attempt by Sony to match the quality Microsoft’s Kinect Sensor would bring to the gaming world. With this new development in the hardware the PS 4 will be able to account for the distance and detect movements on the Z axis scale. It has to be said however that that resolution from the existing Play Station 3 has increased many folds and would be better than the two cameras employed in the new Xbox which have the resolution of 630×480 each.

The latest Play Station console is about to be released, and fans eagerly await the launching ceremony. We posted about the hardware specifications and functionality of the Xbox in our previous post and we mentioned the inclusion of the voice recognition feature in it, similarly, PS 4 is also planning on including the ‘Siri’ like software that will keep it at par with the perceived abilities of what the next generation consoles will have. Array of microphones will be put in this new model, with noise cancellation and directional voice tracking function included in the overall package.

The console industry has changed remarkably, as now just including better graphics won’t suffice because now people expect an all in one device that not only helps you to play games on better graphics but also, include all the voice enabled features, the internet applications and the media applications for a hefty sum of money that the companies nowadays charge their customers.

Although Sony’s efforts are commendable and there is nothing wrong in being at the same level as your competitors but it is also of grave importance to be way ahead of others in the business in terms of innovation and the inclusion of unique features which makes a company a market leader; and the proverb of “slow and steady wins the race” doesn’t apply in the kind of business, companies like Sony are in.

Source: extremetech

  • VR-4nic

    Your right thats why SONY has sold more PS3′s in less time then M$ did with the 360 that had a full year longer on the market. So in the end your right the 360 has sold slow and steady over a longer time and will end up in 3rd place where as the PS3 has moved more console faster in less time.

    I also do believe that SONY had a camera the (eye toy) on a console why before M$ or Nintendo ever did and SONY offered the first dual analog controller which is now industry standard.

  • Alee

    If we give weight to your comment, then don’t you think if PS3 was released before the Xbox, having all the specs that we talked about, it would’ve been much better. Firstly, they would have been credited with as first in the market to launch a console with those specs, and secondly it would have given them better chance to get a strangle hold over the market? so Y so Slow?

  • mantas

    The truth of the matter is, is that gimmicks (ie PS Move, etc.), lack of Quality Assurance, and fragmentation (DLC, microtransactions) are what is destroying the industry. Go back to great content that isn’t fragmented vis DLC and publish games that are as bug-free as possible and that is a winning combination that a company could easily win a generation on. No gimmicks necessary. I wish Apple would enter the market, I really do, if nothing more than to level the market. Too many companies with competing hardware, only two are necessary.