Red Dead Redemption Releasing On PC With DX11 Support


A posting on the web claims that Rockstar Studios has confirmed their title Red Dead Redemption to be releasing on the PC with full DirectX 11 and 3D technology. However, the original news when tracked down was posted on April 1 so we can best consider this as another April Fool’s joke.

FlyFoGame mentions that the game will not be a port from the console and will actually be an upgrade. In addition to all that the game will see to have enhancements such as a new character and additional types of weapons. The multiplayer mode will also be optimized for the PC with better server support. According to the rumor the PC version will be released on August 17 later this year.

An April Fool’s joke or not, it would be great to have the game on PC. It’s a must buy if the game really does gets released.