Review: StarCraft® II Razer Marauder

A nice and sleek StarCraft II Razer Marauder gaming keyboard in design and a great choice for enthusiastic gamers. Here are some of the features you should know before getting your hands on it.



This gaming keyboard will cost you US$99.99. What I like in this keyboard is that most other gaming keyboards are oversized with big buttons, switching stuff etc but this keyboard features a sweet and compact design.

The best point of interest is size and design of this keyboard. Layout of Razer Marauder features hybrid keys in which user need to use it normally but for desired functions they need to tapping out numbers which seems a bit complex. This double function keys are designed for ease but you must remember the tapping numbers to do so.

The keys are well placed and feels good at use but for the players like fighting hard in multiplayer battles they need to divert there focus to use desired function.

This keybaord features backlit color keys and side strips of blue light flowing in them and a most amazing feature is that these colors shifts with the player’s performance by taking feedback via player’s hitting keys. This cool feature give StarCraft as an attracting device.

Moreover, the lighting feature take up a seprate USB port which is some sort of annoying thing. You can choose to turn it on or off.

Well its clear that this gaming keyboard is not a bad choice for gamers but still there are more user friendly keyboards available by Razer.