Nintendo’s “3-in-1″ Pro Controller U – How exciting is this?

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you are obviously well aware of the feelings encountered once your video-game console system is complete with an adequate set of hardware components.



All the devoted gamers out there know that even though stock equipment such as the controller, is good enough for use, you still feel something lacking. The perfection of a controller really gets a player going.

The online American retailer, ThinkGeek, is one supplier you can trust. Another addition to their merchandise includes the new multi-function Pro Controller U, ergonomically designed for Wii and Wii U.

Just how exciting is this? Well, not only does it work great with both Wii and Wii U but it also supports games that are on the Android platform. Definitely an attractive feature incorporated for gamers.

The Pro Controller is a combination of a Wii remote and classic controller. When functioning with an Android device, the controller will work via Bluetooth connectivity.
Manufactured with care and precision, the new Wii component is attractively sturdy, comfortable in hands, has a high accuracy and is very smart.

As the Pro Controller works like a controller and Wiimote, it embraces a flip switch. Flip it one way and your Wii console thinks it’s a controller. Flip it the other way and the console treats it as a Wiimote. Pretty cool isn’t it?

Furthermore, the new device possesses a Directional pad which gives a nice, smooth and solid control over the moves in the game.

Source: coolestgadgets