Top 10 League Of Legends Skins

League of Legends has enjoyed immense success as an online competitive game. Not only has it generated more number of players compared to its competitors but it has also managed to stay completely free up till now. So how did that happen? Well League Of Legends incorporates a business model called micro-transaction. The players can buy cosmetic upgrades such as skins and IP (Influence Points) boosts or the newly released champions. IP is the ingame free currency and you earn it by winning or losing games. Skins on the other hand cant be earned apart from a very few ones. Although these are only cosmetic changes there are some pretty decent ones that you should try our yourself. Some even change the voice work and ability animations! So here are the top 10 League of Legends skins (as of today).

01. Blitzcrank – Piltover Customs Blitzcrank (1820RP)

This is the most beautiful skin any LoL player can get their hands on. A mini-transformer, the skin has custom wheel screeching audio when you activate Blitzcrank’s ability for increased movement speed.

02. Warwick – Firefang Warwick (975RP)

One of the best junglers, imagine finding yourself face to face with this skin in the serenity of the enemy’s jungle.

03. Gragas – Gragas,Esq (975RP)

A gentleman Gragas, it’s hard not to notice the expensive watch on the wrist, the tailored suit and Cuban cigar in mouth. This is busting up vintage champagne bottles at it’s finest.

04. Morgana – Exiled Morgana (975RP)

Marvelling at such a beautiful spectacle is short lived when Morgana uses her deadly abilities on an opponent.

05. Rammus – Molten Rammus (975RP)

A personal favorite of mine, the skin looks great. An added bonus comes with the flaming trail when Rammus uses his first ability for increased movement speed.

06. Nasus – Galactic Nasus (520RP)

What makes this skin awesome is the fact that in-game Nasus is huge. This gives players more visibility to details. The galactic Nasus skin might look okay but once he uses his ultimate to transform into this other being from out of space… it’s game on.

07. Urgot – Butcher Urgot (520RP)

If you’re of the morbid loving players then this one’s for you. Urgot can easily dominate his lane early on, why not do it in style?

08. Mordekaiser – Pentakill Mordekaiser (975RP)

For a champion that has his abilities named after famous metal songs, this skin completes the whole package. Have fun bashing skulls in with your axe (part time guitar).

09. Kassadin – Deep One Kassadin (520RP)

The artwork, details, in-game presence, it’s all there and it’s all great. This is one skin you’re not going to regret buying.

10. Maokai – Charred Maokai (975RP)

Maokai is one of the most fun champions you can play with. Currently there are only two skins for this champion and both are great. However, I always bend towards the Charred one.