Should Female Soldiers Be Included in Military Video games?

The military simulator and tactical shooter video-game developed by Bohemia Interactive, ArmA 3, is expected to release in the third quarter of this year. An interesting fact is that there are no female characters in this game and the majority of the community is okay with that.


Most people see military games simply from two perspectives. One side is that of stagnation or monetary value, where games like Call of Duty and Battlefield come in. Another side is that of forward-thinking or progress: to exceed the expectations of shooters and set an example. Dollars give directions for consoles whereas for the Windows PC there are similar limitations except for the fact that technology is no hindrance.

A thing that has become an icon now is the atrocious video-game cover portraying a male soldier who is surrounded by explosions and war vehicles. That is definitely widespread advertising. The military officer usually has a gun dangling at his side as he stands at guard right after a battle. Of course this depicts the typical male-dominant culture: pointing at the theory that only males are eager to be involved in warfare, wreak havoc and serve in militaries.

However, that last bit of information is not so typical after all  If we take a look back at history, Russian women took part as snipers, pilots and tank operators in the World War II. Not only that, since 1989, Canada has liberated women and allowed them to provide their services in military trades. Furthermore, the US and Australia once banned women from military service and now those bans have been lifted.

This upcoming game from Bohemia is one that’s community driven. It includes the single player campaign but there are some impressive and elaborate missions. A few may take up to four hours to finish. An interestingly controversial topic here is the exclusion of female characters in this new video game.

Even though this topic appears to be based on feminism, there is logic to it. Bohemia’s upcoming game is set in 2035. By that time, women will be serving in militaries the same as men. The game will include militaries from all over the world. It is notable that in certain countries of Asia and the Middle East, women can not take part in combat. Arma 3 is at initiation therefore time can’t force the inclusion of female characters.

Most people reject the idea of women being models in military games. They deem it as a low priority thing due to issues such as performance and stability. Some people even give childish “kitchen” comments as an argument. Others suggest that the addition of female characters would be satisfying only a minute number of fans and so Bohemia should leave this to the game modifiers.

In my opinion, the addition of female soldiers in military games is an excellent idea. It would tend to reflect that particular time period even better. The concept of women serving alongside men will be more open and welcomed in 2035. Maybe in the next decade or so an understanding will be developed in regard to this matter. A point noteworthy here is that gender discrimination can force people in putting up irrelevant arguments unconsciously. Furthermore, there may be millions of female gamers out there ready to accept this little innovation with critical acclaim.

Now i leave it up to you to decide. Would you be more tempted to play ArmA 3 if there were female characters serving in combat?

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