Sony’s PS4 Architecture Makes Peace With Game Developers

We have seen what the Sony’s next Generation Console is capable of, we have had a detailed peek into the power the device is capable of delivering.

A GPU that is almost 5 times powerful than the one used in the PS3 with the addition of an 8GB RAM that makes it comparable to the performance a desktop PC offers. All these are things that are being upgraded to make it look better, but the thing that makes Sony deserve all the praise is the architecture that they have included.

They are using the x86 architecture that is used in a PC for almost 2 decades, this will make it easy for the game developers to make games and later port it to PC if need be. This ease of making games for the new console would mean, lesser time to market the games, lesser cost and much more variety in games listing to be included for the console.

When the game developers were asked about this new architecture, they expressed their delight and commended Sony’s new move. This also means that we would see many games that were solely developed for PC users, arriving in the market for the Play Station 4 console.

No wonder Sony is calling its new console ‘A Super Charged PC’. This will be a very significant feature that Sony will be offering in their device and we have no doubt that this is definitely going to bring some PC gamers to the console gaming. Sony with this console have the ability to give a real tough time to its competitors, we now just want to see what Microsoft brings to the table.

Source: Ps4daily