Sniper’s Elite New Chapter is Better, Period!

Rebellion releases the latest edition of the hugely popular game Sniper’s Elite. This time it looks more intimidating and sounds more interesting than ever.

After the world witnessed the release of the trailer which was quite frankly, horrifying, in the literal sense, we see that now the steam version is available in the market for a price of $14.99. This game gives the fans the setting of a world war and it shows that Hitler is making his final attempts to win the war.

Featuring 4 player co-op for the first time, the missions and game play sounds really intimidating to say the least.  The stakes are high and the army that we have to fight against is real hard to overpower, we have to now fight to win the war from Nazi Zombie Army which adds all the drama and excitement in this all new chapter in Sniper Elite.

So far the response of the fans has been fantastic and it is really being received well among the masses. This co-op mission would mean you have the chance to gather up your gang and fight against the evil army who are not even humans anymore. Genre of horror has been added to Sniper’s Elite which makes the people who haven’t yet played the first chapter really, want to play this game.

New weapons, new maps and a more intimidating enemy are the key features that make this version of the game series a game to look forward to.

Source: Ironcladgaming