Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Is Going To Be Bigger and Better

Screenshots and information regarding the story line of the hit gaming series, Witcher’s latest edition called the Witcher 3 has surfaced just now.

The Story driven Role playing game has some got some engaging things to look forward to in the game. The decisions the player makes in the story beginning has an impact on the overall outcome of the game much like we got to see in Mass Effect games. The only thing that let the fans down in the Mass Effect game series case was the ending of the third game of the series.

It would be of great value to the game developers how people will take the ending of the third Witcher game. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt revolves around Geralt’s pursuit for finding about his loved ones and the wild hunt he encounters on the way leading to it. Players have to get on a journey to visit some really fascinating locations and encounter a lot of different characters and communities which are going to stay preserved in your memories for a very long time.

Head of CD Projekt RED Studio, Adam Badowski, tells the world that this new edition is going to be 40 times bigger and better than the last game. So if you guys loved the previous versions of this series then you will certainly get your money’s worth with this new game edition. It can be highly possible that this might be the end of the gaming series, so this has been planned on a gigantic scale.

You would need a very good gaming machine to be able to run this game, as the track record of the Witcher Series suggest that it only runs on gaming laptops and PC’s with specs on the high end. To fully get to enjoy the game you will need to get a better performing computer or wait for the next generation console and the release of this game on those consoles to get a load of a better gaming experience

Source: Ironcladgaming