Will It Be As Good As Other Consoles? Ouya!

While Sony and Microsoft are busy finalizing their next batch of consoles, we see an altogether different looking console that is rumored to be as good as its competitors.

We are talking about Ouya, a mini gaming console which is believed to be priced at about $99, and is expected to be released in June. The console is believed to be powered by Nvidia Tegra 3 processor which is not on the high end because we have better processors available in the market. The software is going run on Android 4.1 with its own app store, which is going to be really cool, plus we will also get to see TwichTv application coming with this console.

It will have a USB 2.0 port, a micro USB port as an interface for connection with your TV, other than this the device will have Ethernet port, HDMI, as well as the facility of using Bluetooth and wifi for internet connectivity. The best thing about its controller is that, it has a touch sensitive region as well, which will be used as a track pad which is similar to the one that is speculated to be included in PS 4 as well.


The following video on YouTube showed the developer’s version of Ouya, the video maker, ‘codezombiegames’, showed that the device works well with streaming videos and also has high end graphics which is going to enhance the gaming experience.

With this being said, again we can only speculate about the amount of success this device is going to have, it is still unknown as to how much flexibility this little guy will allow for the game developers to develop games for this console. We can conclude by saying that it is a step in the right direction but is this step firm enough; we’ll have to wait and find out.

Source: Pcmag, Wikipedia