‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Latest Trailer Fails To Impress

Gearbox Software released the latest trailer for the third ‘Aliens’ titled game, which is so dry that it squanders the memory of the previously released ones.

The trailer shows the colonial marine squad at it again, the aliens from the outer space are bashed all around the corners of U.S.S Solaco. This trailer however shows all the carnage in slow motion which makes it look as if the video is never going to end. At the same time we see, some real cool alien skull bashing weapons, and hence we can expect that the players would have a variety of some really alluring weapons to play with.

As promising as some of the other trailers portray this game, this trailer however, may not make you want to bite your lips in excitement. That being said, the game has some real kick ass aliens which would seem familiar if we have seen James Cameron’s films. Expect new fighter type Aliens in this new edition, the identity of which is kept secret by the developers and they are thought to be even more devastating than the ones known. There will be some familiar ones in it as well, ‘Warrior’ from the movie Alien, ‘Queen’ from Aliens and the ‘Runner’ from Aliens 3.


A stress call is received from a wounded Marine who was sent on a mission with his battalion to LV-426, Corporal Dwayne Hicks and his crew needs to be saved, as we see fresh forces of Colonial Marines entrusted with the rescue mission.

Well, these marines just need an excuse to go all guns blazing against their favorite enemy, the ‘xenomorphs’. This new edition is believed to be a sequel of the last James Cameron movie, is a platform for Gearbox to show off their creativity from providing some exciting environments in this game to creating insane weapons that would blow you away.


Objective based and death match game play is going to be incorporated for the multiplayer mode.  Team Marines will be allowed to rumble against Team Aliens in a death match scenario in this version, and performance based weapon upgrade would also be a part of this upcoming game.


The trailer doesn’t accurately depict what this game packs in itself; I am quite content to bank my expectations on what the developers promise to provide us with, a jolt.

Source: Wikipedia