Tips and Tricks For Call of Duty Ghosts

The Call of Duty Ghosts, which will be released on Xbox 360, Windows, Wii U, and PS3 on November 5, will be a new experience for the fans. So, a list of tips and tricks will really help the players to get familiarize with the games feature. This will also help the novice players. This game will also be a launch title for both the Xbox One and the PS4.

General Tips

Here is some general tips that the players can improve their gameplay.

Use Off the Grid. It costs 3 points, but will allow you to place yourself out of the minimap.

Stick to Assault Rifles at the start. All the rifles are good, and they will outgun even the best SMGs. If you have to choose, stick to the AK12.

Subsequently, save your Squad Points at the start and don’t rush to unlock the guns.

Use the Support Strike Package. The Assault Strike Packages are not very powerful.

Use Night Owl in lieu of Ammo Crate. It gives you what is essentially a portable radar scanner, that works in real time.

Use perks that fit your style. For example, Marathon and Quickdraw are good for run and gunners, but not stationary players.

Make sure to complete your Field Orders to get that extra experience and/or Squad Point.

If you don’t know where to use your perk, use Gambler. You are awarded a perk at random which you keep until you die. These perks are always worth at least one point, and most of the time more.

Finally, listen to the AI speech from your teammates’ end. If you’re careful and observant, you’ll know where to seek them out.

Sensitivity Changes. Learn how aiming sensitivity has been changed beforehand so you can adjust well in advance. Watch the video here and read our summary below.

From the first Call of Duty right until Modern Warfare 3, there were 10 sensitivity levels. This was expanded to 14 sensitivity levels in Black Ops 2. Call of Duty Ghosts now has 20 sensitivity levels.

Now, the actual range of sensitivities haven’t changed. Sensitivity level 1 has stayed the same for the entirety of the Call of Duty series. Sensitivity level 20 in Ghosts is the same as sensitivity level 14 in Black Ops 2, as well as level 10 in the previous games. Therefore, the added levels give you more options to aim in between, and are meant to finetune your aiming even further.

Let’s compare sensitivity levels between Black Ops 2 (left) and Ghosts (right):

· 1 in Black Ops 2 is the same as 1 is to Ghosts

· 2 in Black Ops 2 is the same as 3 is to Ghosts

· 3 is to 4

· 4 is to 6

· 5 is to 7

· 6 is to 9

· 7 is to 10

· 8 is to 11

· 9 is to 13

· 10 is to 14

· 11 is to 16

· 12 is to 17

· 13 is to 19

· 14 is to 20

You can raise the sensitivity levels that you are used to because the higher the sensitivity you get used to, the more advantage you have.

Here are a few tips to get you along that path:

1. Play Modern Warfare 3 and reacquaint yourself with its system. Ghosts has more in common with Modern Warfare 3 than Black Ops 2, so you would not have as jarring a transition between the old and new games.

2. Use super accurate weapons, such as pistols, marksman rifles and single shot weapons to warm yourself up. That way, when you come into Ghosts, your mindset will be used to more accurate shooting, even if you’re using normal weapons.

3. Lastly, you may want to consider replacing your favorite controller, since dead zones wear down over time.

Squad Points

Squad Points can be explained simply on how they are allocated. Players can earn Squad Points by meeting certain objectives. You can get one Squad Point every time you complete a Field Order. You receive two Squad Points, whenever you go up a Rank.

The best way that players can earn Squad Points is to accomplish Operations. Operations change every two weeks. You can get more Squad Point, if you accomplish the operations within the time frame. Accomplishing two Operations gets you one extra Squad Point, three Operations get you two Squad Points, and five Operations for four Squad Points.