Thinking Out of the Box, But Where is the Box, SONY?

Sony played us very good in the event that had so many people talking about; Sony wants to play ‘hard to get’ but is this going to work out?


The event that took place on the 20th Feb took most of the people who were present there by surprise as the presenters failed to mention any information regarding the release date and about our main box. All we saw was the controller and the video demonstrations of some video games that have been ported to it and that is going to run on it.

But one thing is for sure that technical capabilities of the new PS 4 surpass any of its previous versions and there are no doubts that the finished product would be a state-of-the-art gaming console second to none.

The two hour event just showcased the capabilities of the console without any mention of actually how the device looks like. This coming holiday we might actually get our copy of the console in our hands.

Regarding the box the Sony Entertainment of America’s CEO Jack Tretton said:

“I don’t know that the box is going to be something that’s going to have a dramatic impact on people’s feelings about the game. It will be a color and a size fairly comparable to previous consoles,”

Hinting about the price, Tretton said that this console would not be priced as high as PS 3 was initially. PS 3 was priced at $500 to $600 in the preliminary phase of its release.

Other details regarding the device is that the full features would be revealed by June this year, and with this event on such a huge scale would give PS 4 a lot of spot light and a lot of time to make its mark before Xbox’s latest version.

The CEO frantically said that the new device’s hardware and design would make it easy for the game developers to create games for this console and this device will be socially more focused and the reasons that made Xbox so popular would be also be a part of this device and gamers would be able to play online with this console.

The CEO admitted that some of the previous versions made the game developers are little slow in developing games for the console because of the sophisticated technology that Sony came up with, but now according to him he wants to remove this bottleneck, as this device would be much easier to comprehend and the entry time for new games written for this console will be hugely reduced.

The inclusion of new chips in the new console would however mean that the games developed for the previous versions will not work for this console and they would have to be made specifically for the PS 4.

Games like Diablo 3 would be made available for the PS 4 users and with the interest shown by game producer giants like Activision we can expect many fan favorite games to be available on the new device soon following its release in the holiday season.

Source: Forbes, Washingtonpost