Sony To Include 4K movies, Will Cost People Storage Space

Sony has made a revelation that it is going to include 4k movies which might just have some adverse effects.

Phil Molyneux, while speaking to The Verge said that the new PlayStation will include movies, which means that it is going to eat up a lot of space, which fans would have loved to have made use of by some other way.

Molyneux said, “Challenges that we have to work through, we’ve got some very good ideas that will make that a comfortable consumer experience.” This statement in which he is trying to defend this move seems totally an act out of desperation as this only indicates that Sony Electronics President and COO is trying to get people to believe it is not going to be as detrimental as perceived.

We know for a fact that with this move 100 Gigabytes or more of the storage capacity of the next generation console will have to reserved for this and which also indicates that the world has to make peace with a 100GB lesser memory in the device which they will buy in the future.

Source: strategyinformer