Screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V even before its release

Rockstar has already confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V will be available in any date of around Spring 3013. So we don’t have to wait for so long now. The launch will be initially for the machines like PS3 and Xbox 360.

Just for giving a Christmas gift the Rockstar has publicized few of the screenshot of GTA 5. This also gives us a relief that Grand Theft Auto V is close now to enjoy it.

If we look at the screenshots, then we can easily get to know about all the new cars used in the Grand Theft Auto V, and all the upcoming characters. The GTA 5 will also have the submarine this time which is visible in screenshot.

When we think about any series of GTA then simply first comes in mind all those large amazing maps of the game. We can expect that Grand Theft Auto V will keep that set mark with something new like involving of oceans in game.

One of the pictures has revealed the whale. So it means the game will include the water area a lot and this time it is not only the humans to be dealt with, but the nature also.