Saints Row 4: Future DLC Could Include Mountable Dragon

During the game’s development cycle, there were plenty of crazy ideas that were put forward by the Volition team. Some made the cut and were included in the final game; while others were taken out with their fate yet to be decided.

One of the removed features was a mountable flying dragon, which if we’re lucky could be released as a future DLC.

“There is a week we call the ‘Awesome Week,’” Boone said. “We do literally whatever you want to do. Like, don’t worry about the schedule, don’t worry about your tasks or anything like that – whatever you can come up with, work together, work alone, it doesn’t matter. Just come up with it,” was said by senior producer Jim Boone when OXM talked about Volition’s creative process.

“And a group of people came up with a dragon. You could literally mount and fly a dragon – breathe fire, it was amazing, and the only reason it didn’t make it in was just because of the technical issues. Like we didn’t have a memory slot for the characters, for vehicles that were large enough to have the texture space to make the dragon look good. But notice, I mean I’m just talking about the technical issues. It wasn’t that we couldn’t find a way to make it fit.”

Saints Row IV will release on the weekend for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

  • tom

    I hope they add the super power bone claws in a future dlc because as your character says when you kill your first warden and your seeing what your new power is your character says “please let it be bone claws” so I thought you might get bone claws sometime in the game but you didn’t and I was pretty upset about that.