Pre-order of Brutal Legend now Available with 25% Off

Amazing game of consoles, Brutal Legend is now available for pre-ordering on Steam for PC users plus you’ll get 25% off with early multiplayer beta access.


The game story is set in a universe somewhere between Spinal Tap and Lord of the Rings, Brutal Legend is an amazing action-adventure game that enables fun of combat with open-world freedom to play and features a voice cast of talented persons including Jack Black, Lemmy Kilmister, Rob Halford and many more.

Get this game via pre-purchasing at Steam and get 25% off plus access to multiplayer beta.

Pre-order Details:

Pre-Purchase Now and receive access to the multiplayer beta and two exclusive Team Fortress 2 items*:

  • The Brütal Bouffant - This brutally heavy all-class sideburns and mullet combo was hand-sheared from the manes of Icelandic headbangers, woven with sigil-encrusted knitting needles of occult significance, and air-mailed straight out of hell.
  • The Shred Alert (taunt) - Harness the unholy power of the Dark One (Yngwie Malmsteen) and crush your opponents with blistering riffs, lava-hot licks and emotion-packed power ballads!

*Items will be released on Thursday afternnoon(2/14)


Follow this link and purchase your copy now: Brutal Legend