PAX East Will Be Showing Might & Magic X Legacy

The Might And Magic X: Legacy coming on the Windows PC this year appears to be the kind of game fans have been expecting. Turns out that the trailer definitely boasts a classical reborn. Gamers are pleased with the game incorporating everything they wanted. Some claim the abbreviation will be Might & Magic XL.

The classic Legacy is single-player and has first person RPG with battles that are turn-based. You and your team of four are put in Karthal city which is on the brink of a secession. There is competition between parties to take control and the competitors are placing monsters all over the city.

Those brave enough to visit this year’s semi-annual PAX East game festival will be the ones to see Legacy this weekend.

Check out the Might and Magic XL trailer to get an insight on this upcoming Ubisoft videogame from Limbic Entertainment.

Source bossdungeon