Nvidia Grid Makes It Look Ridiculously Easy

Imagine a way we could play all our favorite games on any device without having to worry about our system’s hardware to match the minimum requirements of a game. 

This has been made possible by the world’s leader in computer hardware graphics, Nvidia, as it is going to use the cloud technology to make available every game that is out there in the market, with a simple click of your mouse button.

Now gaming is possible on the go, with a library of stored games in the Nvidia’s gaming cloud. So this means you are not limited to playing your favorite game only on your laptop or console placed at your home, but now you can take your tablet out and play your favorite game in your car, office or where ever you feel like, because this beauty is platform independent.


Microsoft, Google and Apple, all these Corporate giants have profited a great deal with their online stores, which houses applications and games for download via smart phones, Computing devices and tablets. Nvidia seems to have really upped the ante, as we will see more people scampering to get this latest service, and all the major cloud gaming companies like Agawi and CyberCloud waiting in a queue to subscribe to this technology.

The games available on these stores are small in size and not our huge console games.  But Nvidia has revolutionized the way we perceive gaming, just search the game, and play it with an amazing low latency (30ms) which would virtually feel you were playing it on your household console.


The games on the cloud don’t require installation or any other additional mumbo jumbo to be downloaded or installed to run a game.  So does that mean, less and less people actually going to the market for buying a game? Only time will tell and it does depend on how this new technology embarks the gaming world.

Nvidia Grid as it is known is aided by an ambitious team of developers who are trying hard not to miss any game from the database and honest efforts are being made to keep it as intuitive as possible, because at the end of the day this is exactly what the people are going to come after.

Source: Nvidia, pcworld