No Support for DualShock 3 controllers with PS4

At the PS4 unveiling event held on Wednesday, Sony said that there will be no more support for the standard DualShock 3 controllers with PS4.

Shuhei Yoshida clarified to Polygon that the new PS4 dosen’t support DualShock 3 but it will support PS Move.

There no such clear reasons why there is no support as DS3 controllers uses the same standard industrial techenology Bluetooth 2.0 and since PS4 is still have Bluetooth 2.0 tech capabilities.

Another representative answered further quueries such as wireless Bluetooth headset which they said that:

“I don’t think we’re addressing additional peripheral support at this time,”

Further Yoshida answered:

“That doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work.”

Moreover Sony revealed the latest DualShock 4 controller in PS4 press conference as there is a ‘Share button’, a 2-point capacitive touchpad, an internal speaker, jack for headfone and a lightbar for Move controller are included.

Sony also mentioned that they refined their controller technology to minimize the input delay.

Source: cvg