Nintendo Needs Better Promotion Tactics for its Wii U

We have been through this before and now it may seem a little cliche. Nintendo’s got major problems; what with the Wii U console not having a promising future and all. Here’s how to fix this mess. Convince retailers and consumers while promoting Wii U exclusively.

People need to be excited with the thought of the Wii U. It should make them want to buy it even though it costs $350. Marketing for Wii U should be individual and exclusive instead of holding the original Wii within the marketing space along side the WIi U.

However, it seems quite clear that Nintendo is oblivious to this little problem. Last weekend at PAX East, the company distributed a poster that circulated among the participants and public. Hoarding the title “Why Wii U”, the poster offers a list of features for both WIi and Wii U, comparing the two consoles.

The first thing you will notice is that the poster is nothing catchy or captivating to the eye. It is simply a lengthy list made with small-sized font.

To make things worse, nothing on the poster highlights the Wii U in any way neither does it give reason to choose the console over the original Wii.

The games compatible with Wii sound a lot better than the ones mentioned for the Wii U despite the fact that the Wii U renders 1080 pixels for gaming.

Another important point to be mentioned here is that in the poster, Nintendo added the 1080 pixel HD Graphic feature all the way at the bottom. People had such issues regarding graphics with the Wii. Nintendo should have been smart enough to mention such a feature in highlights at the top to catch people’s attention.

Other features such as the Wii U accessories and GamePad were also mentioned plainly. These are exclusive from Wii U and should be bold while marketing for the product.

The poster offers a good deal of attractive information for the Wii such as the fact that it can be used to access Netflix and Hulu Plus, surf the web and also includes a list of popular Nintendo game titles.

As for the Wii U, all that seems a little unique is the 1080 pixels graphics and a few new videogames. Nothing is interesting or encouraging enough to make a person feel like spending 200 dollars extra on the Wii U.

Wii U games such as Pokemon Rumble U,Monster Hunter, the Yoshi game, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, Fire Emblem and the upcoming Zelda, should be highlighted since they are the games people actually want to play.

Wii U does not have so many games for now and this is one of the major reasons that keep it from being a must-have game console.

What nintendo should do to promote the console is that it should show a likely future to its customers and retailers. Instead of making long lists of comparisons between the Wii U and older consoles, it would be better to give it its own marketing space.

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