New Legendary Pokemon revealed in Pokemon X and Y

All you Pokemon fans out there, get ready for two new legendary Pokemons: Xerneas and Yveltal, which will make their way into Pokemon X and Y.

According to a press release “Legendary Pokemon Xerneas, the cover Pokemon for Pokemon X, is a Fairy-type Pokemon, a new type being introduced in the new titles. Legendary Pokemon Yveltal, the cover Pokemon for Pokemon Y, is a dark-and Flying-type Pokemon.”

Xerneas is based on a deer which is capable of casting Geomancy. Geomancy is an exclusive ability that enables Xerneas to launch rainbow-colored light from the ground to damage the enemy. Fairy Aura is another move that strengthens all Fairy-type moves when used on the battlefield. However, Fairy Aura has a disadvantage. It will not only strengthen your fairy type pokemon moves but at the same time it will also help the opponent’s Fairy-type Pokemon as well.

Yveltal is a Dark and Flying-type pokemon. It is the only pokemon in the game that can learn the Oblivion Wing move. Oblivion Wing is a powerful move that when used will send Yveltal into the sky and release a powerful red beam scorching the ground below. Yveltal has another special ability Dark Aura. Just like Fairy Aura, Dark Aura strengthens not only Dark-type Pokemon moves but also the opponent’s Dark-type Pokemon as well.

Some new pokemons have also been introduced like Pangoro, Inkay, Malamar, Swirlix and Spritzee.

Pangoro’s evolution comes about from a cute looking pokemon Pancham. Pangoro is a fighting and dark-type pokemon who finds it difficult to control his anger.

Inkay is a really cute pokemon who overcomes it’s enemies by draining their will. It is a Dark and Psychic-type Pokemon.

Next is Malamar, which is the evolved form of Inkay that excels in hypnotic force.

Swirlix is a Fairy-type Pokemon that looks like a cotton candy which is why it’s body is sweet and sticky.

Spritzee is the last new pokemon which may look like a bird but is actually a Grass-type pokemon.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are set for release on October 12th for 3DS.