New DLC’s For Need For Speed Most Wanted Makes It Interesting

Need for Speed Most Wanted still manages to stay up in the news as it packs 3 new trophies which is up for grabs on the purchase of its new DLC.

PS3Trophies have the info about all the 3 trophies and currently we are only left to guess what the price of these packs would be, but it sure will be worth it. It might cost you approximately 8 Pounds just like the previous Ultimate Speed Pack.

The list includes, Terminal Velocity Pack, which would give you 5 Terminal Velocity Pack cars in the single player mode for Velocity: Terminal 5. Chance to unlock either jump Nitrous PRO or Drift Tires PRO in Velocity: First Class.

Movie Legend Pack, which would have ‘Movies: It’s a Wrap!’, ‘Movies: Gone!’ and ‘Movies: Fan Fiction’. These also houses some cool unlocks and add-ons in the game.

Last but not the least NFS Heroes Pack, which contains, ‘NFS Hero: Need to Win’, ‘NFS Hero: Six Underground’, ‘NFS Hero: Hero Worship’

These DLC’s adds so much more to the game that it completely revitalizes the experience of the game no matter how old it might be. Additions of Powerful cars not available in the normal game and the chance to unlock cool new features really makes you want spend a few more to experience the fun these DLC’s brings forth.

Source: uncutgamingnetwork