Mortal Kombat: HD Arcade Kollection Is Confirmed

Mortal Kombat: HD Arcade Kollection was a rumored game pack which included three classic Mortal Kombat titles (Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3). All three titles were to be remade in High Definition and there were even rumors of a playable demo of the new upcoming Mortal Kombat 2011.

The title was considered a rumored project and gamers considered it to be cancelled. However, according to a freelance 3D artist the HD Arcade Kollection pack is a go. (Name Removed On Request) has confirmed through his resume that he is working on the game. You can scroll down his resume to see the necessary information, it also mentions that the Arcade Kollection is going to be a PS3 exclusive only. That’s one more feather for Sony’s cap for the 2011 exclusivity war.

[via MortalKombatOnline]

Update: The 3D artist has removed the title from his resume as of today. In addition to that MortalKombatOnline has also removed the news from their site.