Mortal Kombat 2011: Kratos Is Armed To The Teeth

An interview with Ed Boon has had him reveal Kratos to be practically armed to the teeth. Kratos, the exclusive character for the PS3 will be bringing with him six weapons from the God Of War series.

He (Kratos) has more weapons on this game (Mortal Kombat) than any of our other characters. We jammed packed as much Kratos recognizable elements into his character that anybody who has played (a God of War game) to be really at home.

Sid Shuman added:

He has more weapons in this game than any of our other characters by a factor of two.

The confirmed weapons for Kratos at the moment are the Cestus, Blade of Olympus, Helios Head, Blades of Chaos, Icarus Wings and the Bow. In addition to all of that Kratos will also be getting his very own exclusive stage as well.

[via PSBlog]