Medal of Honor: Warfighter-In the Hot Seat

Albeit the name does carry a generic appeal, Medal of Honor: Warfighter definitely proved itself to be a direct target for the games media. Turns out the reality of the game is actually better than the expectation.


If you consider the ratings on Metacritic, the game stands at an unhealthy 53% for the Xbox 360 and 55% for the PlayStation 3. Obviously, this little heat makes it lie on the border that separates a blockbuster from a disaster. In the case of movie reviews, a 50% would still be considered decent. But for videogames it’s equivalent to virtual turd. Think of it as another Aliens: Colonial Marines, a much criticized outcast. So that really gives an ugly perspective doesn’t it? Well, Warfighter isn’t really so bad. The game does render a few rough edges and also has nothing new or exceptionally alluring. However, if games like Black Ops II are constantly receiving high ratings, it would be unfair to be so harsh with a game like Warfighter. The game’s single-player campaign is a lot similar to the template used by Call of Duty but there is relatively more skill and superiority to consider.

In all honesty, the Dubai driving mission was great. Although such real-life and personal stories don’t go with all the action sequence, it still did a pretty good job by offering set-pieces and amazing cut-scenes. Multi-player mode is the real catch. Apparently it is the same but with solid controls and the addition of innovations such as the Fireteam spawning and a class system that is driven by nationality. When it comes to multi-player, Warfighter definitely stands out from the rest. A distinguishing feature of this game is its scale. Even though Battlefield has great combat and Call of Duty conquers the immediate multi-player option, Warfighter straddles the middle ground just perfectly. It is not too vast nor too sudden stirring the fear that you will be shot within seconds.


The multi-player has quick results and enough exposure and space to implement team strategies.  No doubt Battlefield and Call of Duty are potentially good but Warfighter provides the balance that an action packed game should. Fans will be dishearted to hear that another installment to the series is not expected at the moment. It may not be a masterpiece of a game and certainly did have a reasonably noticeable number of bugs at release, but Warfighter is not the game to deserve such harsh criticism as it did. Just because it does not stand out among its rivals and competition, that does not at all make it a game worth an overdose of criticism.

Source brashgames