MASS EFFECT 4 Is Likely To Take Effect

Producers who think they can get away with creating a game that lacks a solid story line but mere good graphics and cute characters, it is time now for them to start betting on a race horse rather than on a pony.

There is a huge paradigm shift in the interest of the gamers around the world, as we see a more mature audience nowadays, who would love to get a cinematic feel from a game. Some games would give you a false hope that they are going to do justice to the story line the developers make for a game, it is however of pinnacle importance that both the story and the game play should complement each other; if the balance isn’t kept, the game is going to go down the drain.

This is where we talk of a game which has set high standards and showed the gaming world exactly how it is done; yes we are talking about the Mass Effect Series. This game has really taken science fiction action role playing third person shooter gaming to the next level.

The game is created by a Canadian company, ‘BioWare’ and has released three installments of the series for all the major gaming platforms, including Xbox 360, PS3 and for PC users. The developers of the games have tweeted the news of a could be, 4th installment in the series quiet recently, the tweet reads and I quote:

“We’re in early stages of designing a completely new Mass Effect game. What would you like to see in it?”

But we have to wait for at least 1.5 to 2 years for the release, as the game is in its developmental phase. People can expect the game to carry on its legacy of being a top science fiction role playing action game. The bar was raised sky high by the company’s latest release, Mass Effect 3, which is going to be a massive challenge for the company itself to produce the next game to be bigger, better and more hellacious.

Trip Down the Memory Lane:

Mass Effect

BioWare released the first game in the series in the year 2007, for Xbox initially which was later released for Microsoft Windows. Let’s first meet with the good guys, Commander Shepard and his team who are select few whom he chooses to accompany him in his missions, they lead the charge against a possible Galactic invasion by Saren who was a Spectre guarding the universe but went rogue and turned against the Citadel Council. It was later revealed that Saren was just a pawn with controls of his moves with a more pertinent threat, the Reapers, who had an army of Geth, machines that served to carry out the reaper’s evil plans to destroy all life in the galaxy.


 Mass Effect 2

The second edition pushed the scales of Commander Shepard’s  and his team’s mission to safeguard humanity even further, as we see now see that the humans are the victim of the assault lead by an evil force called the ‘Collectors’. The decision made in the first part had an impact in this edition and this indeed showed clearly in the game. Collectors were quiet similar to the monster in the movie, Predator, but not quiet. Later Commander Shepard learns that these monsters were sent by none other than the Reapers. The game was released in the year 2010 and was yet another hit in the line.


Mass Effect 3

The third edition was released quiet recently and this had several missions which could well have been the climax of many other games but not this one, they were just routine suicidal missions for Commander Shepard, to surpass. So this game is going to really glue you to the screen as one after the other we would experience some really challenging missions. The game is not all about, ‘wam-bam and thank you officer’ kind of action; it has another aspect to it, politics. As we see Commander Shepard is forced to flee the earth because of an invasion led by the Reapers themselves. The Commander has to now gather allies from across the galaxy and wage war to save the Earth from the onslaught.


Advanced, up-gradable and highly customizable, the weapons in the game are entities that make BioWare deserve a pat on their back; in addition to this it has mastered the art of making weapon combat look very real and gaming more intuitive.

What to Expect?

The entire history lesson was necessary for you guys to get a wind of what the next game can have and that how high actually the bar has been raised. Although the last Mass effect was termed as the ‘finale’, it’s still an uncertainty as the next game would carry the same storyline with the same characters or is BioWare up to something different, but whatever it is, it would have the usual ‘balance’ for which the company has made a special status in the gaming world.


1) A New and a unique Story line

2) New Characters

3) A more Bad Ass Opponent,

4) More Strategy based game play and more Drama

5) Plus the addition of advanced arsenal

If all or some of the above is added to the next project, it is going to be one cracker of a game.

Source: Wikipedia, t3gamesradar
  • Umair

    Nice article

  • Dirk

    I can see purchasing Mass Effect 4 if the story moves forward. If the story moves back such as the First Contact War or some other nonsense before the events in Mass Effect 3 I will most likely not purchase it because I already know how the story turns out. I invested heavily with my emotions in ME3′s story and while I didn’t like ME3′s ending it still ended. Any other sort of prequel means nothing because it all ends up with ME3′s anyway.