It doesn’t quiet usually happen that an American Gaming company is bought over by a Russian company, we now have to get our records straight as we see World of Tanks’ owner,, purchasing, Day 1 Studios, the developers of  Fracture and F.E.A.R.


It has been reported that is making serious efforts of setting their foot in console gaming industry and the recent move of taking over the American based company, might be a sign of many exciting things to come.

Here is where things get really interesting, is known for its smash hit production of ‘World of Tanks’ which was released for PC users only, we see that the world in that game is dwelling with tanks and nothing else, but that is exactly what  the name of the game says, so we can’t complain much. If you find tanks to be sluggish, and hard to play with, then that game might not appeal to you, obviously.

On the other hand, the then ‘Day 1 Studios’, and now ‘’ worked on a completely different genre of games, in addition to this, they have the experience of working for Microsoft in console gaming with which is likely to benefit from. The success of the ‘psychological horror’ First Person Shooter game, F.E.A.R, has helped the newly merged company to be priced at a staggering $20 million.

Two things are likely to happen with the amalgam of the two companies;

We can expect to play a different ball game and develop war games similar to games like COD4, and Battlefield 3 and may be incorporate a horror storyline for the new game, for which Day 1 Studios is famous for or,

We would just see a transition from the PC gaming to consoles with the usual game play and expect the launch of World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and the newest in the line, World of Warships on consoles. This however, doesn’t seem as exciting as the former point but there will be many people who would love to play these games on their consoles.

The internet is abuzz with this news and many have written several pages of articles relating to what the game production house is up to, but it is certain that the investment made by is surely going to pay off if it succeeds in presenting its fans with a game that continues the company’s reputation of excellent graphics and quality game play.

Source: IGN