Is This the End of Nintendo’s Wii U Console?

The original Wii console showed some pretty good feedback in terms of market sales. Unfortunately, Nintendo Wii U has experienced quite a failure with market penetration. Sales have remained as low as they could get with the Wii U pretty close on the trails of the GameCube.

The sad part is that the company is doing absolutely nothing to promote sales or make a slight if not significant increase in the marketing of the product. There are no promotional campaigns or advertisements for the game console or its compatible video games. If we consider the expectation of upcoming games for the Wii U, there are virtually none except for Pikmin 3. Another game, Zelda: Wind Walker, is due about six months later so that isn’t much of a help.

To the company’s dismay, the market has shown a negative reaction on account of their incompetence to promote their latest product. Nintendo’s stock has gone down by rate of 20%. It was not any good before either but this is really something to be worried about.
It is quite clear that things are not okay down at the Nintendo headquarters in Japan. Apparently it seems as if they have lost track of what else is going on.

Sales have gone down to such an extent that retail stores are clearing out product units. They are just as eager to do away with the consoles as they would be for any device that proved a marketing failure. Willing to tolerate a loss on every unit in their possession, the retailers are hoping to clear their stock as soon as they can.

With no effort from the company itself, there is no demand in the public for this console. Taking a solid and objective approach towards things, it is ready to be acknowledged that Nintendo is making mistakes upon mistakes. If this keeps up, the Nintendo Wii U might be their last console period. Everybody accepts that if leading companies like Sony or Microsoft were making such ridiculous mistakes and blunders, we all would be making a mockery out of it.

The management crew of the company seems to be waiting for a miracle to occur. As if this entire problem will be solved in the blink of an eye. Other than zero promotional campaigns, there is no good reason for gamers to purchase this console. It carries a high price tag and does not have many games to look upto.

Nintendo did claim to be announcing several games for the Wii U at E3. These include Mario Kart and some new Mario game in 3D. However, if the company really wants a miracle, it would be best if they focused on generating some hype now instead of waiting any further. Sony and Microsoft are bound to dominate E3 and news on Nintendo might just slip right past the majority of gamers.


Fans will be heartbroken, but with each month passing by and no strict action being taken by Nintendo, the Wii U is closer to its deathbed. Owners may surely have the patience in them but retailers are not in the mood to wait. There is no strong reason to buy this console either. People are smart enough to spend money wisely by using it on other next-generation consoles.

Maybe it’s high time that Mr. Iwata allowed someone else to take the wheel and help guide the company back up the charts.

Source: wiiudaily