Finding Vivillon Patterns Around The World In Pokemon X and Y

Fans of Pokemon X and Y are having a hard time in finding Vivillon different color patterns. Fear not cause this is the place where you can know where to get a Vivillon of a different flavor around the world. And by world, I don’t mean the game world, I mean around the world.

The pattern of your Vivillon will depend on the region has been placed in the 3DS profile settings which will be read by your copy of Pokemon. If you forgot to change your region setting, then you will get the default Vivillon for your country.

As you already know that players can get only one color patter of Vivillon during a single gameplay and you cannot change the pattern by changing your 3DS region settings during the game. The only way to change those settings is right before you start a new game.

Here is another way to get a different Vivillon pattern by receiving a Scatterbug from another player, which will then evolve into the pattern that player had. You cannot get different Vivillon pattern by simply breeding them because your game will choose the color pattern from your region/country. Below is the pattern of each color coded that you can find on the map.


The gameplay will not be effected by Vivillon colors but it is still great to have a collection of alternate colors. Also you can find Shinies for each of these Vivillon. If you want to know how to find those Shinies then you can view them here.

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