Fifa’14 To Be Released On Sony’s PS4

Looks like we are ready to hear the news of the release of Sony’s PS 4 but the news that interests us is Fifa 2014 getting released for it.

We have had much speculation regarding the release of the game on the new console but the news has always lack certainty. We haven’t heard from any of the major sites of the world about the possibility of the release of Fifa 14 on PS4.

This might just count as good news as we have seen Fifa’14 being listed on Prior to this we just had all the current consoles in the market listing the game. So fifa enthusiasts who wanted to plan a PS4 buy the coming Christmas can have a sigh of relief, this gives them the opportunity to save a few bucks to buy Sony’s next console and play the latest Fifa game on it.

Source: Fifainsider