Feed Your Bird – More than 500 download in few hours!

Only a quite few game releases make a mark in the game word while most of them get unnoticed and go right into the waste. Among the few games that did not fail to grab the attention of players is Feed Your Bird. This amazing game got 500 download in few hours!!! Yes you heard right. The game got a download of 500 in one hour after it came out in the app store. Gamers have gone crazy for the game and the number of downloads is increasing much rapidly now. So what’s making this gameplay so famous when there are so many more releases to download and play? Continue reading to know the reason.

The boast behind the downloads

The first reason that pops into my mind for the rapid fame of Feed your bird is the free download. The game is absolutely free with no hidden charges or limited trials. The player simply clicks download and takes pleasure in unlimited fun play from first to the last twelfth level. Secondly Feed your bird is an innovative and creative puzzle game that puzzle lovers can’t resist playing. It is designed to take the idea of gaming beyond the realms of pure entertainment and fun but also to educate.

The premise of Feed your bird is simple yet intuitive. Your mission is to free the bird out of the cage. You have got to do this by dropping various objects from different angles on physical structures that collapse when hit at critical points. As the structures collapses the bird is free to feed and voila! You complete the level. Only sound logic and physics along with a little trickery can help you to complete the levels. Thus the game is not only fun but also compels the players to gain practical knowledge of physics and develop critical thinking skills; something that our teachers want us to do badly. The difficulty levels progresses successively. First few levels are easy and are focused on teaching you about the mechanics of the game while the rest of the game depends entirely on your aptitude. Up till now the game comprises of four stages with four levels each. Each level is uniquely designed with beautiful themes that keep you fascinated and intrigued to the screen. You are going to try over and over again just hoping to complete a level with a single click. The game appeals to every puzzle solving fanatic belonging to any age group.

So if you like to employ your time and mind power on something useful and logical then Feed your bird is definitely your game play.

Then what are you waiting for? Go ahead, DOWNLOAD and start playing!