Enjoy Last Five Minutes Recording Feature in Xbox One

These days, you will find every second person involved in playing games on a digital gaming device. The access to such a gaming device has become quite easy in the current epoch just because of the development in technology. The best part is that technology has made the provision of digital devices easy, which is why different kinds of amazingly unique gaming devices are available in the markets to facilitate the tech savvy gamers.

Xbox One is one of the most famous and coolest gaming platforms being introduced by Microsoft. Initially, it was introduced for gamers back in 2001 as a video gaming console. If you are a gamer, then you are expected to know a lot about Xbox especially its latest product version i.e. Xbox One. This is, undoubtedly, the latest innovation made by Microsoft, which is capable to offer quite a unique feature to its users.

This device will only cost you $500 approximately. You will be amazed to know that it is a strong competitor of PlayStation 4. You just need to spend an hour with Xbox One and you will love it for sure. Besides enjoying your time with this gaming gadget, you will just have to wait little more, as a wide range of more features is on its way by Microsoft to amuse its valuable customers at it best. It is awesome to play with and has quick interface, which can capture the users’ interest within no time. This is the basic reason, which is why this gadget is in more demand than any other device by gaming users.

Enjoy Last Five Minutes Recording Feature in Xbox One

Last Five Minutes Xbox One Game Recording Feature

Xbox One has an ability to record all the memorable moments of your game happening in last few minutes. Let us have a quick look on this amazing feature in bit detail.

  • DVR

In Xbox One, Microsoft has worked a lot for its valuable users to offer something new instead of a simple gaming device. It has introduced perfect recording feature of DVR to record last five minutes of the game being played by the user.

  • Project Upload

This recording capability is also known as Project Upload. This refers to a concept or an idea that you are actually uploading your gaming moments into some file created by Microsoft, which is why recording will be done on continuous basis.

  • Ring Buffer

There is a ring buffer provided by developers in Xbox One, which allows the users to record their moments on their personal hard drive.

  • No Time Frame Defined

When its initial launch took place, there was no time frame and company had no idea that how long will this work. This was because other gaming devices like Play Station or Eurogamer could record last fifteen minutes of games, which really created a great confusion for Microsoft.

  • Recording Process

Microsoft explained how this DVR feature would be the feature in Xbox One. They educated the users that while playing game, they can press Xbox Record option, and system will start recording automatically. Later on, the players can perfectly edit their stored videos and can put needed effects if they want to.

  • Videos Sharing

Finally, after making complete recording and perfect editing in videos, the users can now share them with their friends and familiars by using any of the social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and lots of other platforms are available for supporting such gaming gadgets in this regard.

  • Seeing recorded Videos

Now, try shifting yourself from Xbox One input to cable box input for watching recorded stuff. Microsoft is making further additions and changing this step for entertaining the users more than before. This is being done by it in such a way that the user would never be shifting from media to media instead he will enjoy each and everything on a single Xbox One input.

In nutshell, it is going to be the best gaming device, as more and more features are about to introduced soon. If you are interested in playing flash games then must visit GetAheadOfTheGames.com.