Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Combat Details, Races And More

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Guys at NeoGAF have compiled a huge list of details regarding Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. All the details have been extracted from the Elder Scrolls V scans which were posted earlier today from the issue of GameInformer. There are a lot of changes which some fans might find disturbing. For example you wont be able to select your class at the start of the game. You can choose to boost health, magicka or stamina after each level. The level cap hasn’t been detailed yet but its definitely above 50 which was the max level you could achieve in the Oblivion.

The story of Elder Scrolls V takes place 200 years after Oblivion. This is a time when the dragons have returned to Skyrim. You character is put to the task of killing the dragon’s God since you are dragon born and hence it’s your destiny.

The combat in this sequel will be more tactical. You can assign each hand a function. The developers have focused on improving the combat and weaponry this time. Enemies level will progress with your own. Also some enemies might be replaced with tougher units

Quests will alter your missions as you go along depending on the actions you have taken. Killing quest givers will either cost you that quest or else the quest will be inherited by someone close to that NPC. However, you’ll have to work extra to have them give you the quest.

  • Third person view has been improved
  • 5 massive cities, more variation in caves and underground stuff.
  • There is an option for no HUD.
  • On Conversations: Conversations aren’t done in a zoomed in static shot anymore.Start a conversation with some and they will act like someone would in real life, looking at you occasionally and walking around a bit and also continue doing a task if they were doing one while talking.
  • On Weapon smithing: Go to a forge and carve a new weapon out of red hot metal.
  • Dual-wielding: you have two hands now in combat and you can wield anything to both hands. You may assign a dagger on left hand and use a mace with right hand. The choice as they say is yours.
  • Duel: You may duel any NPC on the streets western style.
  • Inheritance: When you kill a shopkeeper, his/her family member will inherit the shop and will be angry about you, but stil give you missions.
  • Level-scaling: It is coming back
  • 18 skills: supposedly even less skills to play with?
  • No mysticism
  • Perks: Rumored to be in Skyrim. I may have understood it wrong.
  • Boosts: Pick stamina, health, magic boosts on level up.
  • Enchanting: This skill makes a return.
  • “Radiant storytelling” or Level Scaling 2.0: “The game eventually logs a huge storehouse of knowledge about how you’ve played, and subsequently tailors content to your capabilities and experiences. Entering a city, a young woman might approach you and beg you to save her daughter from kidnappers. The game will look at the nearby dungeons you’ve explored, automatically set the mission in a place you’ve never visited, and designate opponents that are appropriately matched to your strengths and weaknesses.”
  • Fast-Travel: As you probably expect, you can instantly travel to previous locations with a tap of the button
  • Sprinting: You can now sprint about!
  • Town visiting: You may do more in towns, like tailor weapons, cooking, farming or mining. Not much details about this or how detailed they are as jobs.
  • Dynamic Shadows
  • Improved Faces/Improved Models Example: Faces have been dramatically overhauled. Characters now exhibit more emotion show of distinctions between different races and just plain looks better.
  • Radiant AI
  • Updated Engine Snow falls dynamically (not as a basic texture on the ground)
  • Trees and branches move independently with the wind
  • Water flows
  • Randomly generated quests
  • Beards
  • You can’t run backwards as fast as you do forward.
  • 10 races to choose from (Holy crap thats a lot of races)
  • Confirmed creatures: zombies, skeletons, trolls, giants, ice wraiths, giant spiders, dragons, wolves, horses Elk, mammoth, saber-toothed cats
  • Presumably open cities (as dragons can attack)
  • Hud-free first-person view and improved third-person perspective
  • Very unique landscapes! Also unique dungeons! In other words, lots of uniqueness!
  • Character creation improved, body features customizable
  • 2-handed weapons and duel wielding confirmed.
  • Finishing moves, unique to each weapon and enemy you fight.
  • Dialog will pop up when you approach an enemy
  • Cooking/farming/mining/woodcutting/blacksmithing
  • Perk picking at every level-up
  • 5 Magic Schools Destruction Alteration Conjuration Restoration Illusion.

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Scan 01Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Scan 02Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Scan 03Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Scan 04Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Scan 05Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Scan 06Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Scan 07Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Scan 08

    • Anzeh

      I hope this level-scaling works better then the one in oblivion. I do not want wolves to be just as good as me when I just went into a cave/dungeon an bested a troll. If what you posted is true, then it sure looks like they learned from their mistakes.

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    • MyRyuHayabusa

      “No mysticism????” gay!!!!!!!!

    • moldy912

      Wow, you’re real nice, you didn’t even credit GI. “All the details have been extracted from the Elder Scrolls V scans which were posted earlier today on the Internet…” which came from where?

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    • http://gamemunition.com Saqib Mansoor

      Sorry, post has been updated. Thank you for pointing that out.

    • BubbaLsL

      Hopefully they have more voice talent in this game. I don’t want to hear the same voices over and over on different characters.

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    • Malus_X

      No Alchemy?

      I hope I’ll have an easier time making characters look the way I want them to.

      Ten races is a lot? There were ten in Oblivion: Khajiit, High Elf, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, Nord, Breton, Imperial, Redguard, Argonian and Orc.

    • 0bx

      Morrowind and Oblivion also had 10 races. Daggerfall had 9.

    • PunchingAlmond

      beards I think I might cry tears of joy I must make an old fat man with big beard

    • http://gamemunition.com Saqib Mansoor


    • Ra

      Thank you, I was about to post the same thing.

    • Random

      Hey looking at one of the pics they show, Alchemy is in the game. The sixth picture, all the way to the left, you can see “EMY”. In the same picture you can also see Dark Elf at the top right of the pic.

    • http://gamemunition.com Saqib Mansoor

      The details said no Mysticism

    • sk444

      so no soul trap hey nor making black soul gems soooo gayy! but dragons and giants not gay!

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    • http://porphinsomnia.com Florene Brosco

      Most of the times i visit a blog i get disappointed. Regarding your blog,I could honestly say that you writting is decent and your website solid.

    • Guess who…

      dunno what y’all complanin about, just be happy there makin a new 1, i no i sure am happy :)

    • skyler

      this game is gunna be great id like to see more races tho in 200 years some evolution must happen

    • http://gamemunition.com Saqib Mansoor


    • skyler

      yea but really i readsomewher that ther are dwarfs and ape peaple

    • skyler

      ther should be 4 player online co-op

    • PaulS

      I didn’t like Oblivion but this looks good! Vast content isn’t going to just cut it for me, I really hope there is quality dynamics and gameplay elements. What is interesting to me is the randomly generated quests… How will they work?

    • http://gamemunition.com Saqib Mansoor

      The game itself will compare your current strengths and weaknesses and throw random generated quests at you according to those stats.

    • PaulS

      And those stats would be based on achievements or playstyle? But random generated quests…… I hope they aren’t dull and typical. But hopefully the fixed, main quests that are already there would be fun both in story and in the objectives you are given… Something that was not present in Oblivion.

    • http://gamemunition.com Saqib Mansoor

      They are making sure that you do not walk into a fairly high level area. The main quests will be there but side by side you will be given random quests based on your character’s level which you could be able to do.
      I remember playing Oblivion where I used to walk into high level caves and getting killed by wolves and trolls. I actually loved the whole exploring thing. Let’s hope this new “quest-generation” thing wont put the game down.

    • noah

      i read somewhere that they are going to spread out some of the spells from mysticism into different categories, so there may still be soul gems =D


      no there will probably still be soul trapping but under a different school

    • skyler

      i take it their aint gunna be much swimmin in tis one

    • Valkerath

      NOOOO I WANT THIS SO BAD! I need to stop looking up updates about it someone please help me! >:C

    • joe

      not to worry!! all of the mysticysm spells have been moved into alteration (or illusion think it was alteration though) so you will have the same spells but within another category

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    • brad

      Lol…i agree with you that their should be more races, but if you if you want to get technically evolution takes thousands to millions of years…But it is a different location sooo…

    • http://gamemunition.com/news/elder-srolls-v-skyrim-combat-details-races-and-more/ your the gay one

      mysticism isnt shit your gay its a stupid skill

    • cole white

      there is still mysticism but hey incorporated it into all of the other magic skills

    • Kendra

      What types of races will be featured in skyrim? If they haven’t said then just say so.

    • Mason

      fuck mysicisem it barly dose anything anyway.the only good spell is sole trap

    • nikomis

      Same as Oblivion: Wood Elf (Bosmer), High Elf (Altmer), Dark Elf (Dunmer), Orc (Orsimer), four types of humans with various strengths (Breton, Nord, Redguard, and Imperial), Khajiit (catfolk) and Argonian (lizardfolk)

    • GR8 fool

      More marine critters plz? Water dreugrs or watever tht were in morrowind would b nice but come on not just slaughterfish. Maybe sirens frogmen things fish people…mermaids..slaughter eels? Would sete for slaughter sea horse. N dnt forget mudcrabs the nuisance of the deep. Hmmmm….water dragons….nahhhh I doubt it hope u c this Bethesda n make a damn water dragon serpent thing that kicks my hiney

    • Nico

      thats exactly what I was thinking?? I thought they were going to add some new ones because 10 is the same amount

    • Delton

      Yeah there gonna be moved into multiple different categories, not just one…

    • rain

      i hope to god they dont re-add those Dam Cliff Hangers….or mark my word i will Rage-kill them all asoon as i see one when i play the game.. before i do anything else..

    • George Young

      I see the dark elf in the pic if I create a dark elf can I make its skin green and change hair color

    • George Young

      if I create a dark elf can I make its skin green and change the hair color

    • http://gamemunition.com/news/elder-srolls-v-skyrim-combat-details-races-and-more/ mitchell tiger

      cole i didnt expect to find u here

    • G-sus

      Nobody cares

    • John

      there isnt going to be argonians because their cold blooded. which makes sense since skyrim is cold.

    • Garside

      Dragons would be cold blooded though? Bad logic, plus argonians wear clothes

    • Jack

      I heard that there might be Falmer, as opposed to Altmer. (Ice elves and High elves, respectively.)

    • Vitnar the Restless

      going to be awesome. but two questions: dark brotherhood? vampires? all i care about!

    • Manny

      Mysticism is not gay to you faggots who think it is.
      Soul Trap and Detect Life are major parts of Mysticism and a lot of people use it.
      So stop hating and you guys probably dont even use Mysticism so stop talking.

    • will

      can someone please get a clear answer about if they have argonians.

    • Duruk

      THAAAANK YOUUU !!!!! i thought i was the only one thinking that…i found dark brotherhood quests a lot more entertaining than main quests. I would love more quests in dark brotherhood if they incorporate it into the game.

    • Shane

      Dragons cold blooded??? they breathe fire for god sake cant be that cold blooded???

    • Manny is gay

      mysticism is gay. It does no damage and doesn’t defend. soul trap is the only useful spell in it. Mysticism sucks hairy, sweaty, balls just like your mother. You are a moron.

    • Trent

      I think they should of added an optional necromancy path you could of taken

    • IggyPop

      I like to make race cars out of my own poop and use the corn for headlights.

    • jon

      this game looks better then any game they have made ever. there is just no comparisson. dragons that can just show up make the game way more fun because there would never be a dull moment. pluse the fact that they added duel weilding wepons improves combat ten fold. also the fact that u dont have to pick how your person will be at the beging of the game, makes it better in the way that your not stuk the way u made. say u dident like the way you did, you would have to start all over again. i think this game will be one of the best games ever made. just from the trailer i would give it a 11 out of 10

    • D1945

      yea i mean if u think about it the aftr you complete the DB quest line nd becom a listener the night mother tells you storys before giving you the info to tell the speaker in cheydinhal. and if u pat attention ^^ she references skyrim many times so DB is present in Skyrim.

    • D1945

      yea but the difference is that theyd have to make it a choice in the mages guild to either make necromancy legal or illegal after u become arch-mage and once its legal you can start quest. this way you can now have a structered group to work ur way up through

    • Roolvanik

      No shit, eh? I can’t wait for Skyrim to come out, I don’t even see how it’s possible to be dissapointed with the stuff they’re taking out when they’re adding so much more in.

    • Roolvanik

      The Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild will be returning in Skyrim, as well as the Mage’s, Fighter’s, and other guilds, too. I believe the developers are changing the names of a few, though.

    • Roolvanik

      Argonians will be in Skyrim! :D
      Except they wont be looking like the same, light coloured iguanas you’re used to in Oblivion. (Unless you want them to.) Argonians will look more intimidating with more realistic skin and features.

    • Roolvanik

      What in the name of… Well, everything, really, are the moderaters doing letting these kid’s comments get through?

    • Bethesda’sBlade

      This game will be so epic. Theyve only revealed 4 of the dragon language words, and isnt there something like 15-20 of them? So good. D.B. was one of the better parts of Oblivion but i hope the main quest doesnt make you an errand boy. “Hey, I need you to run over to this place thats a 1000 miles from everywhere youve been”. I guess im saying that they try and guide you through exploring the map but not limit to stick to there path.

    • Logs

      So will there be vampirism? if so, is it different in any way? Cuz that one quest in Oblivion was fun and I hope something like that will come up; that you can turn into a vampire and do the quest and get healed back to normal.

    • you like logs

      the vampirism quest was the shittyest quest in the game. it forever and it was boring and gay as fuck and waiting for that damn king to be ready to talk to you was also so ultra gay ass