EA Has Big Plans For the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013

Are you desperately waiting for the release of the next Xbox and PlayStation 4? If that’s a yes, you are going to love this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013.

The Electronic Arts Company has a lot in store for you. They are busy planning a huge release for the expo. Earlier this month, the company confirmed that they will be hosting a pre-E3 briefing on their own this June 10.

EA mentioned that 11 new game titles will be revealed at E3. These include the ones from DICE and developer BioWare and the Sims 4. Ranging from consoles to PC along with 15 games for mobile phones, we can expect a lot from EA up to the end of its fiscal year on March 31, 2014.

During the financial reports on Tuesday, CEO of Electronic Arts Labels, Frank Gibeau said, “In fiscal 14 we will release 11 major titles across consoles and on the PC.”

He further mentioned, “This includes our core sports titles, Madden, FIFA, FIFA Manager, NBA Live, NHL and NCAA Football, as well as Need for Speed, Battlefield, Command & Conquer and from our partners at Insomniac, Fuse.”

“You’ll hear more about Frostbite3 and our new sports engine.”