DCUO Strategy Guides Give Away Contest

With DC Universe Online going free-to-play and attracting over one million new players, Gamemunition is also joining in the free spirit and giving out 10 FREE DC Universe Online Strategy Guides kindly provided by KillerGuides. So come on over and grab your very own DC Universe guide to get ahead of all the new freeloaders that have just joined in on the game.

For those who are looking to get your hands on one of the copies: Post a comment below telling us what you think the worst super power is that comics (or TV shows) ever came up with. The team at Gamemunition will then do a random pick for the winners. The contest closes on December 10th and winners will be announced within a week.

Kindly fill out the e-mail form with your current e-mail address while commenting; so that we can contact you later.

Update: Thank you for participating in your free give away contest. All the lucky ones have been sent a free copy of the DCUO Strategy Guide provided to us by Killer Guides.

  • Jermatoo

    The worst power I personally have seen is superhuman reading. What good is reading going to do when you’re getting beat up? o_o

  • SunnyH

    The power to be robin hood? I’ve always wondered why HawkEye is a super hero. Batman owns him in everything. xD

  • JasonDupree

    The worst power I saw was on Family Guy, Meg Griffin, who in 1 episode, had superpowers, ability to rapidly grow her fingernails. Made me lol big time.

  • Clausi

    i think the worst power is the power to travel in time – even when it might be possible to travel in time we couldnt change anything ^^

  • Rawrz Goyangi

    The worst superpower would be the power to call monkeys to your aid. Sure it would be funny as hell and you might be able to adapt into calling apes like Gorilla Grodd to aid you…but he would probably be to smart for you XD

  • elvenangelalita

    Rogue from Xmen. A classic double edged sword. She can touch anyone and drain thier power/strength. Great against an enemy, yet she also can’t enjoy the touch of another because of it. Worst power in the world to have I think. Sure you save the world and all, but to never know the physical touch of another is just horrible.

  • Chris Hughes

    The worse super power would be Bouncing Boy -he has the power to inflate like a ball and bounce. Sadly, so does large percentage of American children.


  • ArdentLord

    the worst power i’d say would be Toad ;o who would want to be a frog and jump around and grab things with there tounge!

  • Sammage

    Worst power is huge bird wings. They’d make using normal furniture and vehicles impossible as well as making you a bigger target. I doubt you’d fly very fast either. Now, little ankle wings are another story…

  • JJ

    the worst power is talking to fish. i get that there is more to Aquaman but talking to fish?? cmon man

  • mvee

    Hair loss would probably be the worst super power..

  • Vaylein

    Otto (Simpsons)
    Dude who drives a school bus by day, but by night fights vampires in a post-apocalyptic warzone!


  • haybarn564

    How about Ma-Ti getting the power of “heart” in Captain Planet? From wikipedia: “Ma-Ti uses the power of Heart to instill caring, passion, and sympathy into the people of the world to care for the planet”
    So while his friends are shooting fire, moving the earth, controlling the wind, and manipulating water, he gets to instill caring and passion? Ouch.

  • DaSnakea

    the worst power is the power to read other people thougts – you would be unhappy most of the time if you would know what others think^^

  • txfn78

    The worse and funniest was on south park episode when
    The boys got real weapons and where preparing for battle
    And Cartman had the power to one up the rest. Sent me back to the school yard.

  • Rahxen

    Matter-Eater Lad’s “power”: Being able to eat anything. In a Brainiac’s invasion, could that power being very helpful? No. xD