Dark Souls 2: Shield Design Contest Winners Announced

A contest was put together a few months ago by Namco Bandai and From Software for a shield design where the winning designs would end up being used in Dark Souls 2.

The contest was split into three regions: Americas, Europe, and Japan/Asia. In this contest the fans of these three regions were able to participate and contribute their unique designs.

A total of 90 shields were selected from the thousands of submissions; with 30 shields representing each region.

“For the first 6 winners of our Dark Souls II Shield Design Contest, picked by From Software themselves, they get: their own custom shield design in game, their name in the game credits and the game Dark Souls 2 signed by Dark Souls development team. For the top 3 per category, they win Dark Souls II signed by the dev team! Which one is your favorite?”

You can view the winning shields here.