BoneCraft Will Leave Little To The Imagination

BoneCraft, a World of Warcraft themed sex game was revealed at the last annual porn convention held at Las Vegas by developer D-Dub games. The game game will take the action from the World Of  Warcraft a step further, pun intended. The developer has promised that little will be left to the imagination, however how much the game actually looks like the “real thing” remains to be seen.
If D-Dub games want to avoid a law suite from Blizzard they will want to stay clear of its intellectual property. But hey if you have been playing WOW for too long and if it has made you lonely or if you ever wanted to raid her wailing caverns for some time now, look no further for this just might be the game for you.

  • Lester

    NO WAY ! ! ! ! Raid her wailing caverns . . . LOL ROFL ! ! !
    RazerfenDown= Bikini wax?