Arkham Game Saves Will Be Lost When Games for Windows Live Shut Down

An unfortunate news for all the fans who are currently playing any of the Batman: Arkham games outside of Steam’s client. Players will lose all their saved game files when Games for Windows Live shuts down next year.

It was announced by Microsoft that it is discontinuing its Games for Windows Live service and will only remain operational until July 2014. So after that all of your data for achievements, challenges and game progress will be lost.

Today on Steam’s website, a blog post titled ‘Important Batman Arkham Announcement’ was published in which the closing of Windows Live services over the next year was recaped. Also the process of moving the game to Steam for verification and update services for both the Base and GOTY versions of Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City was also posted.

The post stated, “If you purchased either of the games all you have to is let the Steam download the latest patch and you will be fine. If you purchased the games somewhere else you will need to enter the code in Steam”.

However, it’s not so simple for players using other clients, “Unfortunately, you will not be able to continue playing from your current save. You will need to start a new game.”

Batman: Arkham Origins is scheduled to be launched on October 25th for Microsoft Windows, PS3, Wii U, and the Xbox 360 platforms. The regular edition is priced at $59.99, while the collector’s edition costs $119.99