Aliens: Colonial Marines Critical Error now Fixed

There were reports that New Zealand and Australian users of Steam cannot play Aliens: Colonial Marines due to critical error of “missing executable”, Gearbox has fixed the error.

Gearbox and Steam forums were filled with error reports that Australian and New Zealand area gamers can’t play the game due to the “missing executable” error.

Gearbox assumed that this error was due to region locking, but according to the reports, the error was still there when Gearbox unlocked the region restrictions of the game.

The issue is now fixed. Users should use verify game cache options in Steam if they can’t connect. For the safe side, users should use this option as well.

This game got scores as:

  1. Games TM - 4/10
  2. - 5/10
  3. ITNewsAfrica - 7.9


Source: CVG