A Good Player can Defeat Dark Souls 2 Bosses Early

Developer Takeshi Miyazoe informed VG24/7 that there was no doubt that Dark Souls 2 was a very challenging and difficult game. But in his opnion he feels that if the player has been attentive and is good at his game it should not be difficult to beat the Bosses early in the game.

“As much as the development team is still balancing the game, I think there will be key moments in the game – not just challenges by story or difficulty – but there will be key enemies and bosses in the game that will challenge the players enough.

“There will be areas where we’re revisiting some of the boss battles as well, where you’ll be able to encounter boss battles part-way through the stage.”

He also added that some change are being introduced in the game to improve the flow of the gameplay.

“You won’t have to start from one venue, go through to the end, beat the boss and then start from a new venue. There will be be areas where you can meet the boss halfway. If you’re good enough or paying enough attention, you might be able to defeat them early.

“We’re trying to create a more interactive gameplay flow so that we sort of break a little bit in terms of the traditional ‘start point, boss and then new start point’.”

Beta signups are available on the PlayStation Network for the PS3 (exclusive early test of the game). You can view here to see some of the changes which are being made to the game.

Dark Souls 2 is scheduled to be launched in March 2014 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.