PC: Plants Vs. Zombies Cheat Codes

Looking for cheat codes of Plants Vs. Zombies for PC? Then checkout this working cheat codes list for you. Try them out.

These codes are confirmed by many users but still it may or may not work because of different versions.

Write these cheat codes any time during your gameplay:

  • tohot : Infinite suns
  • slowbloke : Make zombies walk slower
  • sukhbir : Alternate Zombie Screams
  • dance : Make Zombies Dance
  • future : Zombies From The Future
  • daisies : Zombies Leave Daisies
  • mustache : Zombie Mustaches
  • pinata : Candy Explosion (Your wisdom tree has to be 1000 feet tall)
  • trickedout : Awesome Lawnmower