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Update:  For Better Printable option check this out. (Thanks to Fatal_Wizkid)

Here is a complete moves list for all available characters in the new Mortal Kombat title. For combos to your favorite character do check our other guide here.


  • Added Freddy’s moves to the list.
  • Added Rain’s moves to the list.
  • Added Kenshi’s moves to the list.
  • Added Skarlet’s moves to the list.

Note the following before reading ahead:

  • Goro, Kintaro and Shao Khan are only playable via the Xbox 360 hack. For more information go here.
  • You can only do Babalities if you do not block any attacks in the final round. Hitting the block button is fine as long as you don’t block an incoming attack.

Controls Key For Xbox 360 & PS3

X/Square: FP (Front Punch)
Y/Triangle: BP (Back Punch)
A/Cross: FK (Front Kick)
B/Circle: BK (Back Kick)

U: Up/Jump
D: Down/Crouch
F: Forward
B: Back

LB/L1: Tag
RB/R1: TH (Throw)
LT/L2: FL (Flip)
RT/R2: BL (Block)

Dash (Forward): F,F
Dash (Backward): B,B

Uppercut: D+BP
Sweep: B+BK

Special Move Enhancer: Special Move+BL
Kombo Breaker: F+BL
X-Ray Attack: FL+BL

Distance Required To Perform Finishers

Check the image below to get a better understanding of what distance you should be from your opponent to be able to execute your finishing moves.

Black: Far
Red: Jumping Distance
Green: Sweeping Distance
Blue: Close


Origin: Tarkatan
Alignment: Evil
Story: Baraka is the fiercest of the Tarkatans, vicious nomadic mutants from the wastes of Outworld. Like all Tarkatan males, he joined Shao Kahn’s army once he came of age and survived the brutal Ritual of Blood. He gained the rank of Enforcer after single-handedly defeating a rebel faction. His loyalty and strength makes him a favorite of the emperor.

Special Moves

  • Blade Charge: D, F, BP
  • Blade Fury: B, B, FP
  • Blade Spark: D, B, BP
  • Blade Spin: D, B, FK
  • Slicer: D, F, FP


  • Fatality 01 – Up The Middle: B, F, D, F, FP (Sweeping Distance)
  • Fatality 02 – Take A Spin: F, F, D, D, FK (Sweeping Distance)
  • Babality: F, B, F, BK (Jumping Distance)
  • Brutality:
  • Stage: D, D, D, D, FK

Cyber Sub-Zero

Origin: Unknown
Alignment: Good
Story: Unknown

Special Moves

  • Dive Kick – Close: (D+FK)
  • Dive Kick – Mid: (D+BK)
  • Ice Ball: D, F, FP
  • Ice Parry: D, B, BP
  • Ice Bomb – Close: B, B, FK
  • Ice Bomb – Far: B, F, F, FK
  • Ice Bomb – Mid: F, F, FK
  • Slide: B, F, BK
  • Teleport: D, B, FP


  • Fatality 1 – Kold Fusion: D, B, D, F, BP (Jumping Distance)
  • Fatality 2 – Brain Freeze: D, D, B, D, FP (Jumping Distance)
  • Babality: D, F, B, BL (Jumping Distance)
  • Brutality:
  • Stage: D, D, U, BL


Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Good
Story: A skilled Motswana warrior, Cyrax relies on his natural fighting ability, his chi, to carry out Lin Kuei missions. He is proud to serve but when the Grand Master initiates a program to convert the clan into cyborgs, Cyrax resists. He is reluctant to lose his humanity which he believes is more effective than any mechanical augmentation. He has contemplated leaving the clan but such a decision means death at the hands of his former comrades. No one leaves the Lin Kuei.

Special Moves

  • Air Throw: D, F, FP
  • Bomb Toss – Close: B, B, BK
  • Bomb Toss – Far: B, B, F, BK
  • Bomb Toss – Mid: F, F, BK
  • Buzz Saw: B, F, BP
  • Green Net: B, B, FK
  • Launching Kick: D, F, FK
  • Teleport: D, B, FP


  • Fatality 01 – Buzz Kill: F, D, F, B, BP (Close)
  • Fatality 02 – Nothing But Net: B, D, B, F, FP (Jumping Distance)
  • Babality: D, F, B, BP (Jumping Distance)
  • Brutality:
  • Stage: D, U, Block


Origin: Outworld
Alignment: Evil
Story: As punishment for resisting Shao Kahn’s claim to the realm of Edenia, the souls of the vanquished were torn from their bodies and fused together to form the being now known as Ermac. Bent to Shao Kahn’s will, Ermac is his foremost enforcer. The essences of so many souls bound together give Ermac immense telekinetic powers.

Special Moves

  • Ground Slam: D, D, U
  • Hado-Fireball: D, B, BP
  • Teleport Punch: D, B, BK
  • Telekinetic Push: B, D, FP
  • Telekinetic Slam: D, B, FP


  • Fatality 01 – Mind Over Splatter: D, U, D, D, BL (Jumping Distance)
  • Fatality 02 – Pest Control: F, B, F, D, BK (Jumping Distance)
  • Babality: D, D, B, D, BP (Jumping Distance)
  • Brutality:
  • Stage: D, U, D, D, FK

Freddy Krueger

Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Evil
Story: A malevolent spirit of the Dream Realm, Freddy Krueger preys on the souls of the living as they sleep. When Shao Kahn began to steal Earthrealm’s souls – souls Freddy considered his own – Freddy battled the emperor in the Dream Realm. But Shao Kahn’s will was too strong. He pulled Freddy into the real world, where he was mortal, and defeated him. A badly injured yet determined Freddy fitted both his hands with demonically enhanced razor gloves. Once he has killed Shao Kahn he will find a way back to the Dream Realm, where he will torment Earthrealm’s souls for eternity.

Special Moves

  • Dream Shift Away: D, B, FK
  • Dream Shift Towards: D, F, FK
  • Freddy Fingers: D, B, BP
  • Glove Toss: B, F, BP
  • Hell Spike Close: D, B, FP
  • Hell Spike Far: D, B, F, FP
  • Hell Spike Medium: D, F, FP
  • Sweet Dreams: D, F, BK


  • Fatality 01 – Tell Em Freddy Sent Ya: B, F, D, D, FP (Jumping Distance)
  • Fatality 02 – Welcome To My Nightmare:: D, U, F, B, BL (Sweeping Distance)
  • Babality: B, F, D, FP (Jumping Distance)
  • Brutality:
  • Stage: F, D, D, FK (Varies)


Origin: Outworld
Alignment: Evil
Story: Prince Goro has brought much honor to the Shokan race by serving Shao Kahn. His bloody achievements include crushed rebellions and conquered provinces. During the past 500 years he has been celebrated for winning the last nine Mortal Kombat tournaments for Outworld. Should he defeat Earthrealm’s champion this time, he will become more than legendary. His victory is assured. There are none in Earthrealm who can withstand the might of Goro.

Special Moves

  • Arm Spin: B, F, BK
  • Fireball: D, F, FP
  • Goro Grab: D, F, BP
  • Ground Pound: D, B, FK
  • Stomp: D, B, BK
  • Taunt: B, F, FK


  • Fatality 01 – Torn Apart: U, U, U, U, FP (Close)
  • Fatality 02 – Body Rip: U, U, U, U, BP (Close)
  • Babality:
  • Brutality:
  • Stage:


Origin: Edenia
Alignment: Evil
Story: An assassin for Shao Kahn, Jade has earned a reputation as an agile and stealthy warrior. Her family was Edenian nobility and served the emperor once he conquered their realm, giving Jade to him as tribute when she was a child. After years of rigorous training in the art of kombat, Shao Kahn awarded her the position of Bodyguard to Princess Kitana. Over the centuries she and Kitana have become close friends, which makes Jade’s secret orders from Shao Kahn painful to accept: Should Kitana’s loyalty falter, Jade must kill her friend.

Special Moves

  • Glow Kick: D, F, BK
  • Overhead Staff: D, B, BP
  • Razor – High: D, B, FP
  • Razor – Low: D, F, FK
  • Razor – Medium: D, F, FP
  • Shadow Flash: B, F, FK
  • Staff Grab: D, F, BP


  • Fatality 01 – Head-A-Rang: U, U, D, F, FP (Far)
  • Fatality 02 – Half Mast: B, D, B, D, BK (Sweeping Distance)
  • Babality: D, D, F, D, BK (Jumping Distance)
  • Brutality:
  • Stage: B, F, D, BL


Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Good
Story: A decorated member of the U.S. Special Forces and a formidable close-kombat warrior, Major Jackson Briggs’ current mission is to bring down the notorious criminal organization known as the Black Dragon. With Lieutenant Sonya Blade, he has seized many of their weapons caches. But when a trusted informant, Kano, was revealed to be a high-ranking member of the Black Dragon, Jax made Kano’s capture his priority.

Special Moves

  • Air Gotcha Grab: D, B, FP
  • Air Throw: TH
  • Dash Punch: D, B, BP
  • Energy Wave: D, B, BP
  • Gotcha Grab: D, F, FP
  • Ground Pound – Close: D, B, FK
  • Ground Pound – Far: D, B, F, FK
  • Ground Pound – Medium: D, F, FK
  • Overhead Smash: D, U, BK


  • Fatality 01 – Smash And Grab: B, F, F, B, BP (Close)
  • Fatality 02 – Three Points: F, F, B, D, FK (Sweeping Distance)
  • Babality: D, D, D, FK (Jumping Distance)
  • Brutality:
  • Stage: D, F, D, FP

Johnny Cage

Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Good
Story: There is no greater martial arts movie star than Johnny Cage. Films such as “Dragon Fist”, “Time Smashers” and “Citizen Cage” have made him one of the most highly paid actors in Hollywood. But there is more to Johnny than even he knows. He is a descendant of an ancient Mediterranean cult who bred warriors for the gods — warriors who possessed power beyond that of mortals. This legacy has made Johnny Cage a star. More important, it will aid him in the battle to come.

Special Moves

  • Green Flip Kick: D, B, FK
  • Green Shadow Kick: B, F, BK
  • High Green Orb: D, B, BP
  • Low Green Orb: D, F, BP
  • Nut Punch: B, D, FP


  • Fatality 01 – Heads Up: F, F, B, D, FK (Close)
  • Fatality 02 – And The Winner Is: D, F, D, F, BK (Sweeping Distance)
  • Babality: F, B, F, BK (Jumping Distance)
  • Brutality:
  • Stage: D, B, F, BL


Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Good
Story: Once a member of the Black Dragon clan, Kabal gave up his life of crime and put his fighting skills to more positive uses. He joined the New York City police force to kombat the underworld element he once served. This transition helped ease the pain of dark memories. But when New York was invaded he underwent another transformation–one that would afflict him physically. Severely injured in battle, he is doomed to wear a life support system forever.

Special Moves

  • Ground Saw: B, B, FK
  • Plasma Blast: B, B, FP
  • Tornado Dash: B, F, BK
  • Tornado Slam: D, B, BP


  • Fatality 01 – Hook Up: B, F, B, F, FP (Sweeping Distance)
  • Fatality 02 – It Takes Guts: D, D, B, F, BL (Sweeping Distance)
  • Babality: F, D, B, FK (Jumping Distance)
  • Brutality:
  • Stage: D, D, BK


Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Evil
Story: From weapons dealing to cold-blooded murder, his military training has made him the go-to man for the Black Dragon. But when an operation went to hell and his face horribly mutilated, Kano’s crime spree was almost ended. Ever the survivor, he used his underworld connections to find a cyberneticist capable of repairing the damage. Kano was fitted with several high-tech enhancements, most notably his eye laser. With these new weapons, Kano’s reign of terror has only just begun.

Special Moves

  • Air Throw: TH
  • Cannonball – Down: F, D, B, F
  • Cannonball – Straight: F, D, B, F
  • Cannonball – Up: D, F, BP
  • Choke: D, F, FP
  • Knife Throw: D, B, BP


  • Fatality 01 – Heartbreak: B, D, B, F, FP (Sweeping Distance)
  • Fatality 02 – Eat Your Heart Out: D, D, F, B, BK (Sweeping Distance)
  • Babality: F, F, D, D, FK (Jumping Distance)
  • Brutality:
  • Stage: U, U, B, FK


Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Good
Story: For years the swordsman Kenshi traveled the world in search of worthy opponents. When a mysterious elderly man named Song offered to show him the location of Sento, an ancient sword worthy of his abilities, Kenshi succumbed to pride. He followed Song to a tomb where in lay the Well of Souls. When Kenshi retrieved the sword, spirits of ancient warriors spewed forth, blinding him. Song then revealed himself to be Shang Tsung. He consumed the souls, leaving Kenshi in the dark labyrinth to die. But Sento called to Kenshi. It led him out of the tomb and revealed his lost heritage as a descendant of the warriors who had been buried there. Kenshi vowed to slay Shang Tsung and free the souls of his ancestors.

Special Moves

  • Blade Reflect: D, B, BP
  • Rising Karma: D, B, FP
  • Spirit Charge: B, F, BP
  • Tele-Flurry: B, F, FK
  • Telekinetic Slash (Far): D, B, F, BK
  • Telekinetic Slash (Close): D, B, BK
  • Telekinetic Slash (Mid): D, F, BK


  • Fatality 01 – Split Ends: B, F, D, F, BP (Jumping Distance)
  • Fatality 02 – Scatterbrained: U, D, U, D, BL (Jumping Distance)
  • Babality: D, B, D, FP (Jumping Distance)
  • Brutality:
  • Stage: D, F, D, FK


Origin: Outworld
Alignment: Evil
Story: Like Goro and Sheeva, Kintaro is of the four-armed Shokan race. Unlike his aristocratic comrades, however, he is of lower-class Tigrar lineage. As is customary when recruiting Shokan and Centaur into Shao Kahn’s service, one of each race must face each other in bloody kombat. Kintaro killed his opponent and, in an unprecedented act of bravado, roared for more Centaur blood. Centaurs leapt furiously into the ring to their demise. This savagery led Shao Kahn to appoint Kintaro his personal bodyguard.

Special Moves

  • Anti-Air Grab: D, F, FK
  • Down Fireball: D, B, FP
  • Fireball: B, F, FP
  • Flame Breath: B, F, BP
  • Shokan Grab: D, B, BP
  • Stomp: D, U, FK
  • Taunt: D, B, FK


  • Fatality 1 – Quad-Rip: U, U, U, U, FP (Close)
  • Fatality 2 – Reverse-Rip: U, U, U, U, BP (Close)
  • Babality:
  • Brutality:
  • Stage:


Origin: Edenia
Alignment: Good
Story: Over 10,000 years old, Princess Kitana remembers little of her early years. Her mother, Queen Sindel, died mysteriously ages ago in Earthrealm. Most of her life she has loyally served her father, Shao Kahn, in his unending quest to conquer the realms. With her closest friend, Jade, Kitana enforces his brutal will. But there is a feeling tugging at her… a feeling that the life she has known is a deception. For the moment, Kitana dutifully works to ensure Outworld’s victory in this latest Mortal Kombat tournament.

Special Moves

  • Cutting Fan: D, F, BP
  • Fan Lift: B, B, BP
  • Fake Out Kick: D, B, BK
  • Fan Throw: B, F, FP
  • Pretty Kick: D, B, FK
  • Square Wave Punch: B, D, FP


  • Fatality 1 – Fan Opener: D, D, B, F, BP (Close)
  • Fatality 2 – Splitting Headache: F, D, F, B, FK (Sweeping Distance)
  • Babality: F, D, F, BK (Jumping Distance)
  • Brutality:
  • Stage: F, D, D, FK


Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Good
Story: Ancient Greece knew no more bloodthirsty a warrior than Kratos, who for a time was the God of War. Mortal once more, Kratos withdrew from the ages-old clash between men and gods. But his solitude was broken when he was ripped through space and time. As the madness subsided, Kratos found himself in present-day Outworld, kneeling before Shao Kahn. To ensure his victory in Mortal Kombat, the emperor had invoked an ancient ritual, sacrificing the souls of his vanguard to summon and enslave the most powerful warrior of all time. But the spell alone could not contain Kratos, who soon regained his free will. Enraged by Shao Kahn’s arrogance, Kratos vowed to rip the warlord’s spine from his body. The God of War had returned to battle.

Special Moves

  • Apollo’s Bow: D, F, BP
  • Golden Fleece (Counter): D, B, FP
  • Head Of Helios: D, B, BP
  • Hermes Dash: B, F, BK
  • Zeus Rage: D, B, FK


  • Fatality 01 – Blade Of Olympus: D, D, B, F, BP (Sweeping Distance)
  • Fatality 02 – Medusa’s Gaze: D, B, D, F, FP (Jumping Distance)
  • Babality: D, F, B, BP (Jumping Distance)
  • Brutality:
  • Stage: D, D, D, FK

Kung Lao

Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Good
Story: Kung Lao’s ancestor was defeated by Goro 500 years ago in the pivotal match that saw Shang Tsung attain control of the Mortal Kombat tournament. To him this contest is about more than Earthrealm’s freedom. His life’s goal has been to slay Goro and win the tournament, thus restoring his family’s honor.

Special Moves

  • Dive Kick: (D+BK)
  • Ground Hat: D, B, BP
  • Hat Throw: B, F, BP
  • Whirlwind Spin: D, F, FP
  • Teleport: D, U


  • Fatality 1 – Hat Trick: B, F, F, B, BP (Sweeping Distance)
  • Fatality 2 – Razor’s Edge: D, D, F, B, FP (Sweeping Distance)
  • Babality: D, F, D, BP (Jumping Distance)
  • Brutality:
  • Stage: D, F, D, FK

Liu Kang

Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Good
Story: Orphaned at a very young age, Liu Kang was raised by Shaolin monks who taught him the way of the spiritual warrior. They soon recognized his potential as a contender for the Mortal Kombat tournament and rigorously trained him for this task. Raiden, too understood that Liu Kang was Earthrealm’s best hope for freedom and introduced him to Master Bo’ Rai Cho to further his development. Once fully trained, Liu Kang bested all challengers and earned the high honor of representing the Shaolin in the Mortal Kombat tournament. He and Raiden then embarked on their fateful journey to Shang Tsung’s island to compete in this pivotal contest.

Special Moves

  • Bicycle Kick: B, B, F, BK
  • Fireball – High: B, F, FP
  • Fireball – Low: B, F, FK
  • Flying Kick: B, F, BP
  • Parry: D, B, FP


  • Fatality 01 – Fist Of Flame: F, B, D, D, FK (Sweeping Distance)
  • Fatality 02 – The Beast Within: D, D, F, D, BK (Jumping Distance)
  • Babality: D, D, D, BK (Jumping Distance)
  • Brutality:
  • Stage: D, F, B, FK


Origin: Outworld
Alignment: Evil
Story: Shang Tsung has created many abominable creatures in his Flesh Pits, but none so twisted as Mileena. A fusion of Edenian flesh and Tarkatan blood, Mileena is both beauty and beast. This dichotomy has made her mind unstable; she is prone to fits of madness and savagery. Though she has the appearance of a mature woman, she is more child than adult–a blank slate conformed to Shao Kahn’s will. Devoid of conscience or remorse, Mileena will butcher anyone to appease her beloved father.

Special Moves

  • Ground Roll: B, D, BK
  • Leaping Neckbite: B, F, BP
  • Sai Throw: B, F, FP (In air)
  • Teleport Kick: F, F, FK


  • Fatality 01 – Be Mine: B, F, B, F, BP (Jumping Distance)
  • Fatality 02 – Rip Off: B, F, B, D, FK (Jumping Distance)
  • Babality: D, D, F, B, BP (Jumping Distance)
  • Brutality:
  • Stage: D, D, D, FP

  • chris

    what the hell is a sweep? you didnt say how to do it. sub zero and mileena both use em for finishing moves and i cant do it….

    lil help…?

  • Saqib Mansoor

    The post has been updated. You can see how to do a sweep at the beginning of the post.

  • Giuse.Exe

    Sweep is the distance of a ” balayage ” sorry i said it in french ^^

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  • mario

    sweep means be within sweeping distance

  • handsomeking718

    These fatalities only work if you unlock them I believe,because I’ve tried them an they don’t seem to do anything…

  • handsomeking718

    Wait I take that back,it does work I just did scorpions toasty fatality without it being unlocked,this is awesome dude, keep us updated!

  • jayson

    can you post how far away you need to be for the fatalities?

  • Saqib Mansoor

    sure thing, at the moment i’m compiling a list of combos but i’ll be sure to update the post with the distance required for fatalities by tomorrow.

  • Saqib Mansoor

    Post updated with the distances required for each finishing move.

  • Saqib Mansoor

    Check if you’re able to do Reptile’s “Tasty Meal” fatality.

  • bobbo

    I believe there is some sort of glitch where everybody is able to do Scorpion’s classic fatality regardless of having bought the classic costume.


    sweeping distance is bassically “tripping” distance =P

  • e

    any brutalities

  • e

    or 3rd fatalities

  • jayson

    jade half mast fatality is wrong

  • jayson

    also what do you need to do in the match to be able to perform babality/brutality?

  • Saqib Mansoor

    Thank you for pointing that out, the move has been corrected.

  • Saqib Mansoor

    Babalities can only be performed if you do not block any attacks in the final round. You can hit the block button as long as you dont block an incoming attack.

  • Saqib Mansoor

    The 3rd fatalitiy for Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Reptile require DLC costumes.

  • Saqib Mansoor


  • jayson

    cyber sub zeros babality is Block, not BP

  • Vi

    There are no Brutalties in this game. Normally (excluding any DLC) there are 2 Fatalities, 1 stage Fatality, and 1 Babality for each character.

  • red

    hey pal i have had this new mortal combat for a few weeks “brill game ” but i need some help for the life ov me i cant seem to get the combos going un its realy doin my yead in now .in the training mode i can just about do the simple combo after that it never seems to work for me ,tried every thing going slower fast as i can just dosent work, any way any help woyld be appreciated

  • jayson

    Shang Tsung Soul Steal: F, D, B, FK

  • AnotherSchmoe

    Just a minor correction:
    Shang Tsung’s Stage Fatality is U, U, B, FP. Not U, U, B, BP. Thanks for the guide! =)

  • AnotherSchmoe

    Oh, also, Kano’s Stage Fatality is U, U, B, FK. Not U, U, B, FP. Just tested. Thanks again!

  • Saqib Mansoor

    Thanks for the correction guys :)

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  • jayson

    sonya babality is FK not FP

  • Lester

    Ahhh… I love this game.

  • Social Video Gaming

    sweet thank you for this easy to follow list. i have been looking for something like this for a few days this is very helpful to me i am printing it out now thanks a lot guys. really great game and still soo much to play and do i am just getting started!

  • Graham

    can you hold bl when performing fatalities with up in them

  • Saqib Mansoor

    Yes you can, it’s an easy alternative to do fatalities that have jump in them.

  • jayson

    or just hit the button when you land

  • charles

    i see u have the brutalities are they going to add them as downloadable content

  • jayson

    johnny cage babality is wrong

  • Saqib Mansoor


  • Poopface

    Thanks for providing this, bro. Saves me $15

  • Mordechai

    ARE YOU RETARDED? WHY in the HELL would you use BP or FK instead of the fucking letters that are already on the controller??!! Do I REALLY have to do this myself to get it done correctly?

  • Saqib Mansoor

    because dimwit, both ps3 and 360 have different letterings on their controllers.

    and writing.. F, F, X/Square, A/Cross looked spammy to me.

  • jayson

    chill dude. the game is out for more than one system and the controllers are different.

  • RazeWolf

    Just a quick note: Jumping distance has the smallest AoE for fatalities, while fullscreen and Sweep have the longest.

  • sharod

    i want the new mortal kombat

  • Rok B.

    Guys, I just got my first PS3 for my B-Day last month and just got my 1st game Mortal Kombat today for Fathers Day! Special Thanx to my great family and my Sweeetheart! All the info. posted is much appreciated. Thanx to you all and especially the person who put all this info. up!

  • jayson

    also, when are we gonna be able to play as the bosses on the PS3?

  • Adam

    Sweet, now I can rip your face though your anus with the click of a button! Excellent!

  • Saqib Mansoor

    Kenshi has been added to the post.

    and I’ve no idea when Netherrealm is going to allow us to play the bosses. Maybe after this DLC run….. Rain is next on their list.

  • jayson

    why is there still a spot for brutalities? I think it’s fairly obvious there aren’t any in this game.

  • Saqib Mansoor

    Well before release NetherRealm was teasing about brutalities. I was hoping that they would release that in a DLC later on, doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon.

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  • jayson


  • Saqib Mansoor


  • jayson


    Fatality 1: “Tell ‘Em Freddy Sent Ya”: B,F,D,D,FP (Any)
    Fatality 2: “Welcome To My Nightmare”: D,U,F,B,Block (Sweep)
    Stage Fatality 1: F,D,D,FK
    Babality : B,F,D,FP

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  • BEAC

    Sub-Zeros and Reptiles classic fatalities does’nt work on XBOX 360.
    I have tried Sub-Zeros Spine Rip Fatality: Forward, Down, Forward, Y when close
    & Reptiles Tasty Meal Fatality : Back, Forward, Down, RT when in jumping distance & Back, Back, Forward, Down, RT when in jumping distance and they both don’t work. I don’t know whether they are wrong. I need help!!!!!

  • Saqib Mansoor

    the classic fatalities require u to have the classic skins as well.

  • WTF

    Why does it say,”Brutality?”I haven’t seen Brutalities since MK II. WTH

  • Saqib Mansoor

    A long time ago NRS teased about adding brutalities to the game with a new patch or DLC. I just added the option in case it ever was made available. Doesn’t look like it will to be honest.

    and nah, there were brutalities in UMK3 as well.

  • jack

    how can you play as goro, shao knan and kintaro

  • John

    Great job!!

    I would have liked the list to also include the ordinary kombo moves for each character.

  • John

    “Goro, Kintaro and Shao Khan are only playable via the Xbox 360 hack. For more information go here.”
    I just read this from the top of this page.

  • John

    Just saw something at the top… :P
    “For combos to your favorite character do check our other guide here.”

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    alll lies i tryed to beat goro using the moves and advice from yall but they all dont work….booo its making me sooo freakin angry….

  • Fatal Wizkid

    maybe i sound like a spellbreaker but i printed all moves and guess what came along. ALL replies got printed out as well, how about saving some precious inkt and convert the moves into a downloadable PDF, DocX file?

    Im NOT playing mortal kombat on any console. just the PC as it should.

    OR 1page in pdf for every character? your doing great but its still mixed up in 1 page.

  • Saad

    Alright thanks for the suggestion. Its uploaded in .pdf format. Enjoy and keep visiting … :)

  • Fatal Wizkid

    Welldone quick actions, are there any cheats in the game for easy finishing moves? like in the former MK series? and DID you all know that this year if im not mistaking a brand new Mortal Kombat Movie will be released? called Mortal Kombat Legacy (yes there are allready series,)

    if you want a taste of legacy check this out:

    My collection of the Legacy Series,

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    Well for more cheats, stick to blog, we will surely update any info we found.

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    this list is very incomplete lots of players are not showed in the list above..such as scorpion, subzero. and many move.. is there somewhere a complete list?

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    the PDF file format (if you wanna correct some junk and too many spaces) the whole layup goes to hell, i tried to edit wirth word and this whole layout is awfull!

    Next time .. STOP adding first line and end line, first line, end line, middle line, first line end line middle line, and so and so on

    PIC character:

    Special Moves:

    Special Attacks:

    Finishing Moves:

    and you are all done 1 page 1 character much simpler

    this pdf and stuff i cant change anything and i want on each page for MYSELF 1 character each time. im gonna download it elsewhere this correcting joke with hidden spaces everywhere cost me enough ink as it is.

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