How to Unlock Characters on Tekken 2 Tag Tournament

This Article is going to guide you actually how many total characters there will be made playable for the gamers and how do we unlock some of the important ones.

There 4 extra characters that come free with the pre-order bonus pack and 6 more characters are made part of the game disc.

Character: Combot

How to Unlock: In the new Fight Lab sequence we have to clear that mode of play to be able to use all the complexities of the moves that Tekken has to offer, and then you will unlock Combot which would be available to you offline and in non-ranked online play.

Character: Angel

How to Unlock: Simply purchase Tekken Tag Tournament 2 before its release to get the download code for the character, and the second way is to wait for the release of the game, and subsequently this character would be available for free.

Character: Kunimitsu

How to Unlock: Same way as you would unlock the character ‘Angel’, play the waiting game or go straight ahead to GasmeStop pre-order bonus if you live in North-America for example and you are good to go.

Character: Ancient Ogre

How to Unlock: As intimidating as the character name sound it might be loaded with some special features so it makes it to our must-have character list, but the procedure of getting this character unlocked is ditto of what we have for Angel and Kunimitsu.

In a tweet Tekken Series Producers, Mr Katsuhiro Haradara announced that 6 new characters would be made available on the game disc, whose names names were, Doctor B, Miharu Hirano, Sebastian,Unknown, Bob and Violet.

Now it is left for you to choose whether you would like to wait for the release or you would want to preorder your copy and get all these cool new characters for free.

Source: Videogamesblogger