How to Achieve High Score in Temple Run 2

Well I am a big fan of Temple Run series and there’s no doubt that this new Temple Run 2 is way more attractive and amazing and the best thing is to defeat your friend’s score easily. The following are some tips to achieve high score.


Its all about runaway but with extreme care plus full focus you can boost up your score. But how about some tips to get max score.

With these tips and tricks, you can run for longer, and can collect max coins etc.


Steal the Time

If you are running then keep yourself concentrate on the paths, do not interrupt your eye-sight or you’ll get eaten by monster, lol obviously its not a tip but the real tip is that when you are hitting score and paths are interrupting you reflexes then just hit yourself into the side-rail which will slow you down and reset the monster directly on to you. Doesn’t matter, keep running and focus on paths now will buy some more time and you can now control your run. Remember, don’t try it twice one after another as you’ll get by that creepy monster.

Same as for obstacles. Tilt your phone with changing right or left and switching ways while in jumping can be a good step to save your character and gain some more time by surviving.


Hazard Knowledge

Things will get easier if you got sync control on your memory and thumbs to play. Its all about practice and extra repetition.

The ultimate way to quick learn the gameplay is to binge on resurrection gems. Its the only life saver for your character and brings back your life to the paths. Its not actually recommended to buy such gems but it can be a good step to defeat the free-to-play runner.


Epic Minecart

I love this minecart series. Its a new addition in this version and a bit tricky to pass through it. You have to keep focus on the rail diversions and to the duck position by combinations of tilting and forcing down your character .  This is some sort of a hard process but still fun to play. Get familiar with the next turn or traps to pass it easily after few attempts. Again, It’s all about practice. You have to make your reflexes more optimized and synchronized every time you play. It’s a game of mind and thumb movements or fingers obviously.

Never keep yourself in neutral speed, keep your mind open and increase your brightness of the phone for better view for the mine. Remember, don’t get confused for the coins as they don’t come in middle path so forget about the middle focus, just concentrate on the left and right tilt timings and decisions. Remember, practice makes man perfect, so practice hard and defeat anyone with just little concentration plus with reflexes.


If you know any tips or tricks, share with us …

  • ACshaMan

    The tip to force yourself into the rail to slow yourself down is a good one. Leveling up ‘save me’ and magnet boost is a good combination. Really leveling up your entire arsenal is the best thing you can do, but the more coin you bring in the faster your score goes up.

  • Saad

    Yes exactly … =)