Guide: Unlocking Dead or Alive 5 Characters

Want to unlock characters of Dead or Alive 5? So you are at right place, this guide will show you how to unlock characters like Akira Yuki or Alpha-152 etc.

Below we got details of 5 secret characters unlocking, check it out:

Akira Yuki

Unlock tip: You have to beat him in the Story Mode.



Unlock tip: You have to get 300 Titles to unlock her (out of 524 Titles). She will be fully unlocked after combat fighting  in the game for approx 18-hours (excluding menu browsing and loading times). Spend time in Story Mode or Training session.


Gen Fu

Unlock tip: Get your hands on him by completing chapter of Eliot’s Story Mode.


Pai Chan

Unlock tip: Earn 100 Titles to get her (out of 524 Titles). You can unlock her after fighting in the game for approximately 6 hours of gameplay excluding loading times and menu surfing. Spend time in Story Mode and in Training session.


Sarah Bryant

Unlock tip: Give her a tough time by beating her in the Story Mode.


Please share  your views or any information to unlock characters or any tips you’ve discovered.