Guide For Collecting Hidden Items For Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag

The world of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is really big for the players to explore to their heart content. To add more challenges, there will be hidden items for the players to find. These hidden items will be scattered around the world which will take quite sometime for the players to collect. Some of these items will be hard to find, so in this case, a guide has been presented by Ubisoft. Ubisoft has posted the guide at their official blog. Just read below to find all the items.

· Animus Fragment

These can wait until the end of the game. When you get all 200 fragments, you unlock the Abstergo Challenges, which will then open up the Deceased Crew Cheat.

· Letter in a Bottle

These letters offer a window into the world you are immersed in, having been written by the people who were actually there.

· Manuscript

These are for fans of the storyline, as they offer insights into the historical events and where the Templars and Assassins come in. As you can guess, these are very well-guarded.

· Treasure Map

Pretty self explanatory. Maps don’t necessarily lead you to treasure all the time; occasionally, you’ll get to unlock a Jackdaw upgrade with them. Basically, you should seek these out.

· Shanty

Shanties are unique among collectible items, because you have to chase them down. When you catch up to one, your reward is a new song for your crew.

· Templar Key

There are only five keys in the game, and they are tied up with the game missions, so do not expect to get them all in one go. Getting one key requires you accomplish four tasks provided by an Assassin Bureau leader. Get all five keys to obtain the Templar Armor, which gives you greater resistance to enemy attacks.

· Mayan Stone

Getting a stone requires solving a puzzle, found by climbing up a Mayan Stelae. The puzzles are accessible in Eagle Vision; you move a pattern in the ground so it matches up with certain objects in the surrounding environment. Getting all 16 stones earns you the Mayan Outfit, which deflects metal projectiles.

· Present Day Collectibles

Get QR codes to find cryptic notes and hack coworkers’ computers. If you mess around in the present day a lot, you’ll be unlocking a lot of information about the Templars and Abstergo. Ubisoft also promises a few Easter eggs.