Dragon Age 2: How To Enable Dev Console Mode

Dragon Age II
Here’s an easy guide to help you enable dev console mode in the game to activate cheats.

Enabling Dev Console Mode (Easy Method)

  • Place a shotcut of the game’s .exe file on your desktop.
  • Right-click on it and go to Properties.
  • At the end of the Target space add “ -enabledeveloperconsole”.
  • Now enter the game using the shortcut on your desktop.
  • Enabling Dev Console Mode (Hard Method)

  • Go to your game directory: Dragon Age 2 > Data > DragonAge2Launcher.xml
  • Back this file and save it elsewhere.
  • Open the .xml file using notepad.
  • Find the following: <condition name=”FirstRunCheck” type=”FileExist” file=”${USERDATA_DIR}SystemInformation.xml”><true action=”execute”file=”${BINARIES_DIR}DAOrigins.exe” path=”${BINARIES_DIR}” autoquit=”true” />
  • Add this: arguments=”-enabledeveloperconsole” after “true” in order to get this: <true action=”execute” file=”${BINARIES_DIR}DAOrigins.exe” path=”${BINARIES_DIR}” autoquit=”true” arguments=”-enabledeveloperconsole” />
  • Start your game now and if it doesn’t work, then must’ve done something wrong.
  • Activating Dev Console Mode

  • Find this file in your game’s directory: DocumentsBioWareDragon Age 2SettingsKeyBindings.ini
  • Open it using notepad and go to the line which contains: “OpenConsole_0=”
  • After the equals character add this: “Keyboard::Button_” and any character on your keyboard. If you add the letter “x” then you will be able to activate the console mode by pressing  Ctrl+x in game.
  • Dragon Age 2 Cheat Codes

    runscript addxp X: Add experience for you and your party.
    runscript addmoney X: Add coppers if you want money. The bigger the value, the more money you get.
    runscript killallhostiles: This command will kill your enemies when you’re fighting against them so input this command whenever you can’t beat someone up!
    runcscript cheater: this will unlock all achievements.
    runscript pc_immortal: this will give you infinite life. Enter it once and you will never die although your life level will reach “0″.
    runscript healplayer: this command heals your party.
    runscript bowlingforferelden: this is the funniest command as it will cover you in an energy globe and if an enemy attacks you, then he will be knocked away like a bowling ping.
    runscript zz_deathblow: this command will send you into “deathblow” animation specific to the weapon you’re currently wearing.

    [via SoftSailor]
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    • duindain

      Can you include some common keys to set this to? or at very least the tilde key mapping?
      as this would make it similar to most other modern games and could be called anything

    • Ash

      i have done every thing and almost thrice now but the console wont come up…why so??…came up before like last year.wanted to play again and now it wont…plzz HELP!!