Dragon Age 2: Cheats And Glitches

Dragon Age II
A big thanks to GameFront and GameBrood for these cheats and exploits.

Dragon Age 2: Item Duplication Glitch

Dragon Age 2: Shield Armor Glitch

Exploiting a glitch in the game enables your warrior class Hawke and Avaline to boost their armor to 100%. First of all you’ll need a shield. Equip the shield, then unequip and finally reequip it again. Keep on spamming this until your armor stat is as high as you want.

Dragon Age 2: How To Enable Dev Console Mode

You can check out the guide to help you enable dev console mode in the game to activate cheats here.

Dragon Age 2: Unlimited Experience And Gold Glitch

There’s another glitch through which you can get unlimited experience and gold. You can check that out here.

Dragon Age 2: Crashes, Freezes, Errors Fixes

Not cheats but may help you with your game. Check out the complete log here.

  • brandon

    ok i figured out how to do the unlimited money and armour glitch, well theres one problem. I have a lvl 35 rogue with no quests being able to do and all thats there is the herbalists tasks and i have no idea how to finish that quest plz help anyone that can.

  • Ross

    How do you get the money and xp glitch working ?