DC Universe Online Armor Sets Guide

Raids are the most important factor of playing a MMO since the rewards from completing them make your character very strong. In DC Universe Online you can start planning to get an awesome armor set when you reach level 30. An advice for you would be to wait out and not go for the end-game raids right after hitting level 30. You need at least a complete T1 armor set before you can try to attempt those raids. If you jump in without a T1 armor set your whole group will be decimated.

Below is the list of armor sets in the game. You can read what each set costs and how you can gather enough currency to buy it.

DC Universe Online Armor Sets

Tier 1 PVE Armor Set: The whole set will cost 400 Marks Of Triumph.
Tier 1 PVP Armor Set: The whole set will cost 1700 Influence Points.
Tier 2 PVE Armor Set:
The whole set will cost 400 Marks Of Distinction.
Tier 2 PVP Armor Set: The whole set will cost 810 Marks Of Victory.

DC Universe Online Iconic Armor Sets

There are a total of 18 iconic suits in the game which are divided equally between both factions. The origin you choose at the character creation will restrict which armor sets you can wear. Each origin has been further divided into three categories: Meta, Magic and Tech. Of the three one is PVP while the other two are PVE sets. To differentiate which set is PVP watch out for toughness bonuses in the armor sets. Toughness builds your defence rating against other players. Hence, the PVP armor sets will only have toughness ratings.

Superman (Meta)
PVE Tier 1: Speed-Force Spectrum (Sold by Flash for 40-60 Marks Of Triumph Per Piece)
PVE Tier 2: House of El Warsuit (Sold by Power Girl for 90-150 Marks Of Distinction Per Piece)
PVP Tier 2: Nth-Metal Battlesuit (Sold by Hawkgirl for 80-130 Marks Of Victory Per Piece)

Batman (Tech)

PVE Tier 1: Steelsuit MK-1 (Sold by Steel for 40-60 Marks Of Triumph Per Piece)
PVE Tier 2: Dark Specter Batsuit (Sold by Batgirl for 90-150 Marks Of Distinction Per Piece)
PVP Tier 2: Raptor Infiltrator (Sold by Robin for 40-60 Marks Of Victory Per Piece)

Wonder Woman (Magic)

PVE Tier 1: Fate’s Faith (Sold by Raven for 40-60 Marks Of Triumph Per Piece)
PVE Tier 2: Hera’s Strength (Sold by Wonder Girl for 90-150 Marks Of Distinction Per Piece)
PVP Tier 2: Aegis of Eternity (Sold by Aquaman for 80-130 Marks Of Victory Per Piece)

Lex Luthor (Meta)
PVE Tier 1: Metallo’s Maw (Sold by Metallo)
PVE Tier 2: LexCorp Salvation (Sold by Bizarro)
PVP Tier 2: Phantom Zone Reaver (Sold by Ursa)

The Joker (Tech)
PVE Tier 1: Frozen Fury (Sold by Mister Freeze for 40-60 Brands Of Triumph Per Piece)
PVE Tier 2: Joker’s Punchline (Sold by Harley Quinn for 90-150 Brands Of Victory Per Piece)
PVP Tier 2: Mercenary’s Malice (Sold by Two Face for 40-60 Brands Of Triumph Per Piece)

Circe (Magic)
PVE Tier 1: Aegis Of Azarath (Sold by Brother Blood)
PVE Tier 2: Vengeance Of Hectate (Sold by Cheetah)
PVP Tier 2: Shroud Of Anubis (Sold by Felix Faust)

DC Universe Online Currency

Cash: You get cash from just about everything. It’ main purpose is to buy Soders and Respecing. The developers have promised an Auction House in the next update in which cash will play a bigger part.

Influence Points: You get influence points from doing PVP and is used to buy Tier 2 PVP gear only. You get 50 influence points for winning a match and 25 if you loose. During a match; killing or assisting your team mates give you 1 influence point everytime.

Marks Of Allegiance: These can be earned from a few “Welcome To Level 30″ tutorial quests and daily quests. They are used to buy faction specific styles. Note that these are styles and not armors.

Marks Of Distinction: These are used to buy Tier 2 PVE gear only and are earned from the end game raids such as The Outer Caverns and Batcave. These are impossible to do without a full set of Tier 1 armor.

Marks Of Legend: They are used to buy new legendary characters: Bane, Harley Quinn, Joker, Nightwing, Robin, The Huntress and Arkham Asylum Joker. Marks Of Legend can be earned through PVP Arenas and Legends matches. You gain 2 marks if you win and 1 if you loose.

Marks Of Triumph: These are used to buy Tier 1 PVE gear only and can be earned from Duos, Hard-mode Alerts (Area 51, Ace Chemicals, Smallville, Strykers Island, Arkham Asylum, Containment Facility) and lower level raids like Khandaq, Batcave: Outer Caverns, Batcave: Inner Sanctum and StarLabs.

Marks Of Victory: They are used to buy Tier 2 PVP gear. You can earn them by doing PVP Arenas and Legends matches. You’ll gain 2 marks if you win and 1 if you loose.

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    thanks 4 the great info…i have this page marked n my favs for reference. thanks!

  • neil

    good info. gotta say that tier 1 pvp gear looks wretched as does the tier 2 pvp gear as far as stats go, just an opinion. A lot of mix and match here with pve tier 2 and 1 gear needed in order to be stocked for PVP or PVE.

  • http://www.dcuniverseonline-guide.com DC Universe Online Guide

    In only 2 weeks the game sold out in stores around the world and SOE need to add 6 servers to ease the congestions.

  • neil

    Here is the question is it bad to mix and match the tier 1 PVE gear. When you buy that gear they have gear designated for your role specific and then gear that seems more geared toward damage. I am a Tank, can i just mix and match the tank role gear and the damage tier 1 gear?

  • Jason

    heres wat i think to the person who wrote this. “your a freak” but zomg it has all the basic info u need when you hit 30!!!! Nice content, ty!

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    great game armor sets

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    Can we get permissions from the author to copy/paste this to the DCUO Source forums? Not affiliated with that website in anyway, just think this information would be useful there.

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    you’re most welcome to share it anywhere you want.

  • FullT2

    so gotham invasion is not a raid.. i find it pretty much useless unless you really need some sodas…khandaq and oolong are not hardmode alerts and all the low level raids you have listed are in fact hard-mode alerts except star labs

    hard alerts are area 51, ace chemicals, smallville, strykers island, arkham asylum, containment facility,

    the three raids are khandaq, batcave outer caverns, and batcave inner sanctum

  • http://gamemunition.com Saqib Mansoor

    thanks for the heads up :)



  • texno

    i dont have any PvE Tier 1 or 2 armor yet when i go into hard alerts the people always kick me for not haveing the PvE armor and duos are too hard without better armor. what do i do?

  • Mchillenman

    Need help! It says that you can buy tier 1 PVP gear only with the influence points,is tier 1 PVP gear in the hall of doom and if so where? And can you straight buy the gear with just influence points or do you have to trade them in or something?

  • Mchillenman

    Did you find it?

  • Trish

    The Tier 1 PVP armor is sold in the Power Core at a vending machine next to Black Adam and Captain Cold for villains. Not sure about heroes; I am a bit unfamiliar with the Watchtower.

  • jason

    how do any body want to get green lantern dlc when soe has no date for it

  • jason

    trish are you a heroes or villains trish to get the armor in dcuo you have to be lv 30 to get marks of legend a lot them

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  • Frankie

    how do you check how many Brands Of Triumph you have

  • Raz man

    can you play in like alerts (pve matchs) with pvp armour

  • robin

    go to inventory and there should be a tab for currency click that and it shows all your marks

  • Frankie

    ok thanks

  • Romeo

    You are wrong!! The steelsuit MK-1 gear is for PVP and not PVE. Pls. revise your listings so as not to mislead the players.

  • Matthew

    The Steel MK-1 gear is, in fact, a PVE set (note the boost to defense, which is indicative of PVE, versus the toughness boost that is only associated with PVP gear).

  • frost

    so what is tier one pvp armor for meta? or is it the same as tier 1 pve?

  • Jay

    Hawgirl . Read the beginning .

  • jon

    couple questions. one) can a person playing in PVE switch to PVP? and as a newly reached lvl 30 player im gettin my ass kicked on lvl 30 missions and how do I build up so I can buy the real good armor I see in the watchtower?

  • Jay

    If your playing psn add my character (hero) xTopHat6x ,
    Yu have to do sum alerts n duos. To get marks of triumph . Yu wanna get 8 marks to get the faction specific gear that cost 1 mark it will help yu n the solos . I say do all solos except for caging penguin until yu get better gear and you’ll be fine

  • Irwin

    This is great info’ but I’m still a bit confused, all I really want to do is get to Central City, which I know I need a combat rating of 53 but does this mean I’ll have to have two sets of armour (one for arenas one for missions) or one set of armour that’s a combination of both, or neither?
    I’ve been trying so hard to understand the order of which armour to get and the idea of combat rating for some time now and every time I think I know what I’m doing I read something and confuse the hell out of myself again!

  • nosillyname

    is the iconic battle suit armor for non members to
    or is it
    only for legendary members

  • killboy36d

    it takes a long time

  • killboy36d

    it takes to long lol

  • killboy36d

    i dun did at least 4 arenas and im not in the three hundreds yet

  • killboy36d

    my weapons wont get points and there new and im thirty

  • Joe

    For those of you confused about combat rating (cr), it is based on the “item level” of the gear you wear. (Just look at the stats of the item in your inventory, and somewhere in that list will be the “item level”) For example, the better pieces of blue gear will be rated around 40. The Tier 1 PVE gear is around 46. The Tier 2 PVE gear is around 56. Equipment mods (crafted via R & D) can then increase that item’s level. So for instance I’ve currently got one piece of T2 on, with everything else T1, with all gear mod slots used, and my cr is 51. It seems, then, to be an average rating based on all that you’re wearing. One or two more pieces of T2 gear should finally get me to 53 so I can enter Central City with this toon.

  • Sixen

    You’re titles of the armor are off, if the PVP tire 2 armor uses marks of victory then this is wrong. Im buying robins armor for pvp and he uses influence points. So your tire 2s should be tire 1s.

  • piotr

    moja postac: mentos superman, acrobatic, nature bron martial arts jakie mam zakladac przedmioty te co maja defense czy te co maja toughnnes

  • Steven

    Ok so Where so I find teir 1 PVP gear for my guy? He’s hard light an I have gotten some stuff from that ursa chick but don’t know if that’s good enought or there is better out there any one can help or advice I would really appreciate it

  • Dallas022

    I bought the Tier 2 Armor sold from Two Face, and it took less than two weeks to get, now I went to the Frozen Fury set sold from Mister Freeze, and its been quite a while, and only have 3 pieces…. Whats up with that?

  • Jay

    Please help me i downloaded the free to play (which doesnt come with a manual) anyway does it matter if i mix and match the pvp and pve together and does it matter if i mix the different pvp OR pve armor

  • It

    You can do either, I’m still rather new to the game but I find it best if you combine the gear, it also looks best :)

  • It

    Both free and legendary members can get it if they have enough currency

  • It

    It ales about 20 arenas to get two pieces, not sure about one piece hope it helped

  • http://www.Facebook.com/DJDeathrat Irwin

    You can use the style tab to do that, I’ve played the game a fair bit now and kind of have a hang of things. There are two armour classes, one for PVP and one for PVE, PVP armour is for battling other players, PVE armour is for battling AI players.

  • Jurgen Blitz

    Depends on what you are aiming for. For many alerts, as long as your stats are balanced, it doesnt matter (but don´t get too many PVP gear or your defense will drop, leaving you a bit vulnerable to the mobs). For PVP, I think it is preferable to go in with all PVP gear, because it boosts your Toughness and that´s what shields you against other players.

    As for mixing different PVE/PVP sets it doesn´t matter much. There are feats for gathering all the pieces of one set and those feats give you 50 points. Doing that would allow you to get more Skill Points but that would take long. So in short no, it doesn´t really matter (I am combining pieces myself)

  • Jurgen Blitz

    For example: I have set my sights on a lovely PVP backpack. I checked the change in stats that it would have on my char thinking about the PVE instances. Since it doesn´t have a high drop in defense and it would boost almost all other stats, I will go for it and combine it with my PVE gear. My current 3 pieces already give me a good defense for a controller, so I decided a little drop in defense wold not matter if I could get my other stats up.

    Try to do that when combining: think about what instances do you want to go in. Always remember: Defense is for mobs, Toughness is for enemy players. I would also recommend always carrying different pieces of armor with you so you can change your armor depending on what instance (alert or arena) you are going to fight in. Hope this helped.

  • DCUO player

    Try getting renown with a faction and buying theyre tier .5 armor it helps a bit I used it for my old character

  • hitterquitterJoel

    OK so my needs to do diamond heist but heroes outnumber me big time if I loose do I still get marks b/c if not I ma phase shift gather a mob and whoop that ass lol

  • DaedaeV1

    In PvP’s you always get marks, win or lose. If you win you get more. Once you’ve played that instances for the day. The only thing you won’t get from the instance is item drops. That goes for any type of instance.


    Great guide, My username on DC Universe online is THEANGELOFDEATH hit me up and invie me so we can beat the story and reach level 30.



  • Jak

    Heroes can find the T1 PVP set (also called the Archangel Set) in the reactor room of the watchtower to the right of Cyborg.

  • Jak

    i can confirm this. the Heroes Archangel PVP Tier 1 set has a considerable amount of toughness while the Speed-Force Spectrum PVE Tier 1 set has a considerable amount of defense.

  • Jak

    even if the items are in your bank or inventory, the item level will still contribute to your overall CR. the item doesn’t need to be equipped.

  • Th3Proph3CY

    Yet not even a year later and the game goes Free to Play. So yes, they may have sold the box, but they didn’t keep their subscribers for long. SOE in a nutshell.

  • qasas

    to go to central city you have to have lightining strikes right?

  • Josh

    Is mark of triumph a rank or tokens??

  • Jennifer

    Hey, the pvp 1 is like this: Go to the tech wing (joker’s one) keep going untill you find harley quinn when you do go to the left way (the one of two-face) go to the middle way (two-face’s right) keep going you’ll find captain cold and black adam and three vendors like that: one in their forward one in black adam’s left and other in captain cold’s right the correct one of blood bat is the right one next to captain cold. hope i helped you :))))

  • Urial

    Thanks for the information. I have been trying to find this stuff out for a while.

  • DAN

    have read all this and am still a bit confused.

    says at the start there are four sets T1&T2 for both PVP&PVE but in the lists for mentor venders there is three T1&T2 PVE and only T2 PVP ? did i miss something there?

    have recently reached lv 30 and still have all my lower level armor, im a tech villian so i have been to Quin, Freez and Two Face but really struggling to figur out which is which sets are which. dont want to spend my hard earned currency on the wrong things

    and are these the only three vendors i should think about buying armor from now, because have found lots of other lv 30 armor at other vendors

  • Pablo

    Quick question: Im already lv 30, and I’ve got my PVE T2 suit, but for hardest missions I require CR of 70.. how can I raise that much?

  • uummm

    god info can you talk about how much the entire suit makes your cr go up thanx alot any way much respect giveing.

  • Lairdriver

    By making it free to play, Sony has opened up a whole World for customers. The game has been immensely successful. People have the option to purchase legendary membership and the add on missions – which many do – Sony has created a monster. This game isn’t disappearing.

  • Amritz

    I’m meta and can buy and wear magic armor I don’t get it. So can only wear meta armor or can I wear all

  • Robert

    If you mean Magic armor in the way I think you mean, you might not have enough renown with the “Sentinels of Magic” to buy the armor, as in you must have cooperative renown with the Sentinels of Magic to buy certain armor. You can buy armor from Star labs because you might have enough renown with them to buy the armor.

  • james

    i change my tank to a healer can i convert my armor for tank into a healer armor type somehoe or do i have to earn it all back

  • Guest

    I’m a Tech player and I bought a piece of the Speed-Force Spectrum armor but it won’t let me “collect it”. Am I not allowed to use Meta armor as a Tech player?

  • Guest

    I’m a Tech player and I bought a piece of the Speed-Force Spectrum armor but it won’t let me “collect it”. Am I not allowed to use Meta armor as a Tech player?

  • cashie

    for future reference: you need to relogg if this happens. then it will work.